Friday, October 12, 2007

So what??

Oh geez, I'm having one of those so what days...

So what? I'm feeling lazy and I need to do a whole lot of things before I leave this office... No matter what happens the sun will set tonight, the world does not stop because you wont meet a deadline.

So what? There is drama all around me... There will always be drama and I just can't be bothered with fuelling the fire by adding my two cents worth.

So what if I haven't eaten since 7:30 this morning? ... I KNOW that when I get home I am going to stuff my face while watching the goings on of the people on 7de Laan.

So what? I don't feel like being nice today... Being nice all the time is probably bad for your health anyway. If I have choice between pissing me or another person off. I'm choosing the other person. I have to live with me for the rest of my life. The other person will soon go away (Thanks Dr Demartini).

None of these thing really make a difference to my life right now. Truth is I work my butt off every other day, so today I'm going to be a slacker. There are people that have made a profession of slacking. I'm just doing it for one day.

I eat 3 full meals a day and 2 (0r 3) healthy snacks in between. I am not going to do from missing one meal and two snacks for a day... Although I suspect I might if I miss all my meals :)

People who create drama are at their happiest when there are people feeding off their negative energy. They are parasites and I don't feel like being a host today, maybe tomorrow but today I'm taking my blood supply back thank you very much!

As for being nice... Being nice doesn't have to mean saying yes all the time or taking S%^T from chancers. people are such chancers. They are always looking to see how far they can push someone before they push back. I am not pushing back today I'm giving everyone fair warning. 'Please don't piss me off today because I will put fire up your A*%....' I think it's only fair to warn people.

So what, if this post makes no sense at all. I had fun writing it and now right now that's all that matters ;)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

EP Diary - Quick update

I have not been posting because I am bored with my blog, I haven't been posting because I have been SOOOO busy. Busy making money, so that I can fulfill my destiny (you must be so tired of hearing that).

So many things have happened. I have to give the long and short of it though:
1. Meeting with the new producer tomorrow to work on the concept song - yay!! It's coming along very nicely!!

2. I bought a new instrument. I bought a guitar. I thought of buying a piano but I live in a bachelor with another human being and I probably couldn't afford it.

3. Just had a piano lesson and am getting better and better as a song-writer. I even committed to writing a song every 2 weeks. Piano teacher and I made a pact. I will probably live to regret it and be thankful for it as well. Note: I said write (NOT finish) a new song every 2 weeks. It can be done. I should have a skeleton for the new song by next week Tuesday.

4. I'm happy... I know that sounds vague but I'm pleased with where I am because I can see the light at the end of the tunnell.

This is a quick update... I have to get back to making THE DREAM come true.