Monday, September 24, 2007

Stuck at Durban Int Airport

Before I begin: HAPPY HERITAGE DAY to all in SA!!!

So on Friday I had a meeting in Durban and had to be up at ungodly hours, just to be there for it. My flight took off at 6 am and I was up 03:30. The meeting was okay, I learnt a lot about how one should and shouldn't deal with people and how people can sometimes get caught up in 'politics'... But that is not important right t now.

My flight back to Cape Town was supposed to leave at 18:25. My meeting ended a little after 12 and then we took the client to lunch, so I was already upset that I would be hanging around at the airport for 4 hours and get home after 8, but I didn't complain. As soon as I check in I get told that my flight has been delayed and we will only be leaving AFTER 7pm. GREAT!! I hang around at the airport, get some stuff done and the time will go by quickly.

Just as I leave 'house of coffees' I find out that my flight is delayed again. To cut a long story short. A whole lot of flights were delayed and there was no where to sit and long after 20:30 we were boarding. I don't usually fly BA and I have no intention of using that airline any time soon. I finally got home after 11pm and I was BUGGERED. Swak!

That's my rant for the week :)

EP diary - The first track concept

Met up with C.B today (the 2nd producer) and he made me listen to the first concept track and I'm SOOOO impressed. It is only a concept but I can see it working really well. He gave it to me to work on and that is exactly what I intend to do.

We spent time going over 'the sound' of the EP and what the themes should be etc. Last time we spoke about it briefly, so this time we spoke about more stuff. We also listened to some of my favourite songs... So he knows where my head is at right now.

The track itself is very exciting and I think once I get into it, I can come up with some killer melodies and lyrics. I'm so excited!!! I'M DOING IT! I'M ACTUALLY DOING IT!!! I'm tempted to say that this feeling is better than sex, but I know people will think I'm weird!!

Okay that is all on today's update. I'm making plans to meet the 'producer kid' this weekend so we can work on that lovely song he gave to me... It wasn't even meant for me. I am truly blessed to be working with such lovely guys. It must be that 'law of attraction' stuff.

More updates to follow.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

EP diary - The first meeting

So this is the first post of the 'EP Diary': I am FINALLY working on my EP.

It has taken a LOOOOONG time for me to commit to actually DOING this. I discussed some of my doubts a while ago (I'm too lazy to find a link- sorry) and after much thought, tears and frustration I know what I want to do: The theme, sleeve, marketing plan, songs etc. I made the decision to do this and I am sticking to it.

So today (after taking care of day job stuff) I went to meet with the second producer. The first is obviously that 'producer kid' that I've been working with for a long time. The reason I have a second producer is because 'producer kid' is really good at a certain genre and I believe it would be unfair on us both for me to expect him to do what he may not necessarily be good at. Imagine me asking John Mayer to produce a hip hop track (although I hear he is provided the concept for Common's 'Go'). So in order to be able to do the best for us all I decided to take on a second producer.

I met up with him today and we spoke for a while. We spoke about our expectations, deadlines etc and it was very successful. So I am thoroughly excited!! I will keep you posted on the gwanin's of the EP. Big tings are gwan!! BIG TINGS!!

P.S I haven't forgotten about that major decision post. It's just taking a bit of time to write and the situation keeps getting complicated.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

100th post - we are growing indeed

Oh wow 100 posts!!!

I was going to post something about decisions... I'm faced with a very tough decision and I'm not sure what to do. But before I talk about that I just want to say:

HAPPY '100th post' my baby blog!!! Look how far we've come... From nobody read this baby to having a few people pass through here once in a while. 100 may not be such a large number, but it is to me. I didn't know how much I would enjoy this blogging business. it's a lot of fun and it's a great way for my friends to catch up on the latest happening in my life.

Like when my car was 'in the sea' or my first live performance and even the time Marcee and I tried our hand at being vegetarians LOL!! We are still eating less meat. We just haven't quite reached the 'no meat in our diet' stage, but we are eating healthier food.

I've also accepted that I cannot post something everyday. When I first started out I used to feel so bad for not posting anything, but now a 100 posts into this I'm okay with not posting everyday. I do it when I can and when I want to :)

Aaah.... Maybe one day we'll have regular readers LOL! Until then I will keep at this blogging. business.

Gotta run (will talk about that major decision tomorrow)

Monday, September 10, 2007

My dads BIG day!!!

To Pops:

I guess you've heard it all from me, but I still think it's important for you to know this. I will forever be grateful for having a great father like you. When I was little I wanted to marry a man like you because you were a super-hero. Now that I'm all grown up and I know that you are not a super hero. I want to marry a man like you: a mere mortal who performs miracles with love. I am the woman that I am because of you. Long after you are gone, you will still be with me because love is eternal. I am so proud of the person that you are, you truly inspire :)



Your biggest fan and only daughter

For Marceee

Today my girl is a BIG GIRL!! She is all grow-ed up and has a paying job.

She has been through some rough times the past year and a half. It's hard to see someone you love go through a rough time. I was feeling so helpless. I just wanted to make all the hurt, doubt and confusion go away. But only time and experience could 'heal' her.

Today Marcee had her first day at a 'paying job' (all the other jobs were paying jobs but all based on commission) and she survived it. I work by myself, so I had forgotten how nerve wrecking it can be to start a new job. She is bad with names as well, so when she came back from work and I asked who everyone was she looked at me with a blank face and said 'I'm still trying to figure it out'. I love that girl so much.

Tonight we drink to Marcee's first day at her 'big girl' job. Hopefully the next time we toast she will be buying the alcohol.

She is really pretty... When she is not acting like a fool :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's been too long

I CANNOT believe I've been away for so long!!! Things have been unspeakably busy and crazy. After the 'chasing cars' incident I decided to do a little soul searching. This is what I discovered from my soul searching mission:

1. I am spending too much time and energy 'paying the bills' and not enough on making the music.

2. I love what I do, but I am not entirely sure I love where I am doing it.

3. I need to present in the moment. I spend way too much time worrying about stuff that doesn't really matter to me and way too little time 'LIVING IN THE MOMENT'.

Almost as if the universe had heard me, I was told my contract is not being renewed and I found out about other exciting job opportunities that I am looking into.

The presenter of the show I was producing left and I am currently presenting the show, while they find someone else in Jozi. So I now work 6 days a week and am making much needed music. I don't really mind the hours because I know that it's only for the month. So I'm using this month to beef up my radio knowledge as I make plans to move along.

The old me would have panicked when I found out that my contract would not be renewed, but I'm surprisingly calm. Don't get me wrong I did have a day of 'woe is me... Boo hoo hoo!" I am surprisingly okay with what is happening in my life right now.

Okay... Maybe I'm a little sad that I don't have much time to blog, but everything else is great.

I think I will make it a point to post a blog at least once a week.

P.S The Boks did us proud today. "TONIGHT WE CONQUER!" Loving it!!!