Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Look what I found!!!

Throwback tune of the day:

I saw this video on YouTube and almost fell over. Didn't know it had a video. What can I say? I'm in South Africa, not all music videos make their way on the FREE public broadcasters TV channels. Although the other day I saw 3 common videos on SABC 3. Oh how times have changed.

I bought "One day it'll all make sense" last year, did a post on it too. Oh young Com! I LOVE this song.

Common ft Lauryn Hill- Retrospect for life

"315 dollars aint worth your soul..."

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The week that was...

Wow!! I have not posted anything up here this whole week. Bummer! Well, before we go into the new week, let's take a look at what kept me busy THIS week.
  1. A very good friend from Jozi came down here with his girlfriend and we all met up for drinks- YAY!!!
  2. Got together with an old colleague/friend (and a friend of hers) on Tuesday night. We went to the Nose Bar and stayed for longer than we anticipated.
  3. Heath Ledger bowed out gracefully. He was 28 and he had been living his life the way he wanted to for a LOONG time. Some people are mot meant to live for a long time. he fulfilled his destiny and 'changed form'. No-one ever really dies, we all change form and leave our mark on mankind... What kind of mark will you leave and will it be for eternity?
  4. I cleaned out all Marcee and my old clothes, put them in black bag and now we are trying to decided on which women's shelter/ homeless shelter we are going to deliver it to. The reason I cleaned out our cupboards is because in order for new things to come in old things must go out. I was making way for new wardrobe and new beginnings. Sounds weird, but this is what I believe :)
  5. Been listening to Alicia Keys ALL week, I must actually physically HIDE that CD!!
  6. Track of the week: American boy by Estelle AND 'Don't let me be misunderstood' by Nina Simone.
  7. Julio Iglesias was in Cape Town and I hear he was good... Cheesy, but GREAT!! Julio is one of the OG playas. I dig some of his songs.
  8. Although the rest of the country was experiencing darkness, I have not experienced a blackout at home, had one on Thursday at work. But, I left and worked from home.
  9. I had Sushi today... Can you say addiction?
  10. My friend Nixy Poo finally heard me on radio. It was on Saturday and during my show I get this SMS saying 'you are on my radio". Ha ha haha. It was hilarious!! I LOVE YOU NIX.
  11. Saw a John Mayer concert on TV yesterday. My not-so-little brother called me and said 'John Mayer. SABC 3" and then he hung up. Oh the joys of being young and trying to save pre-paid airtime.
  12. One of the 'senior' ( I use that word very carelessly) guys at work was ANNOYING me like you wont believe this week. I thought I was going to scream. In fact I think I did... A couple of times.
  13. I spent ALL of Saturday at home, reflecting... Saturdays are usually very busy for me. I stayed home.
  14. Did some catching up on CSI Las Vegas... Shoo things are really getting hectic at the crime lab.
  15. I ate healthy food all of this week. And let me just say for the record that I AM REGULAR!!! Oprah and Dr Oz talk about it all the time. I am regular and feeling light as a feather. Wow! I've reached a disturbing level of comfort here on this Internet place. I am now talking about my bowel movements. I PROMISE NEVER to talk about it again. LMAO.
  16. Went to a farewell on Friday night... I've become quite the socialite. I HARDLY EVER go out and this week I went out 4 times and stayed out VERY late each time. Note: 22h00 is late for me :)
  17. I start working on my music with Chris next week. it's taken a bit of time, but I had to make sure NOTHING disturbs us. So I needed to sort myself out. Am now officially SORTED OUT!!

That's about it. I am going to try and sleep early and wake up early next week. So, sleeping early means BEFORE 22h00 and waking up early means at 05h00... I will let you know how it goes.

P.S I have not forgotten about the announcement :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The week that was...

The weekly round up:

  1. The song of the week: Champion by Kanye West
  2. Ate so much healthy food it's actually ridiculous... YAY ME!!! Just had Carrot and Apple juice (with ginger). I deserve a gold star!
  3. Bought 3 books: '1. 'The colour purple' I read it in high school and I'm still so in love with it. The movie was okay, but I LOVE the book. It was that book that made me want to become a writer. 2. 'Call me woman' by Ellen Khuzwayo, I have been meaning to get this book for a LOONG time. 3. 'Song of Solomon', I absolutely ADORE Toni Morrison. I read the book when I was at varsity, but something made me buy it.
  4. Watched a HORRIBLE movie called 'Vacancy' starring Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson. It is such a bad idea and I felt like it was PURE evil. I have watched many slasher films, but this movie just didn't feel right. I actually fast forwarded most of the movie. EEEWWW!!
  5. Read an article where Lupe Fiasco was talking about retiring. The whole interview sounded a little angry though. Maybe he will reconsider?! I still love his music, esp this one.
  6. Been practising piano all week :)
  7. Been visiting Kanye's blog more often... Don't ask why, because I'm not sure why either :)
  8. Power cuts have been driving people crazy... THANKS ESKOM!!!
  9. Elton John performed in Cape Town... I didn't go, but I hear it was amazing.
  10. Have fallen back in love with Common's 'The light'. I have been listening to it everday for the past 2 weeks. Actually I haven't listened to it today...

That's it!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

7 things you must not know about me

Okay, so here's the deal Sickamore tagged Estelle and Estelle obliged but didn't tag anyone (it's her birthday week so she can do whatever she wants)... So me being UBER eager... I decided to join in the festivities. And I'm also trying to avoid my work (too much to do)... Maybe working from home is not such a great idea :)

Okay so here are the official rules: link to the person who tagged you, fill in 7 weird/random facts about yourself and then tag 7 other people.

My version of the rules: See it on someone else's blog, do it and carry on with your work!

  1. I suffer from seious migraines and they are NOT fun at all. Infact I'm the worst person to be around when I have a migraine. I would be better off locked in a dark soundproof room for a day LMAO.
  2. I'm really not into shopping. It takes hectic bribery (from Marcee) to get me to tag along when she is shopping. I'm just not that into it.
  3. Nothing beats great Whiskey... I LOVE IT!!! If I could I would have some everyday :)
  4. I'm currently reading 3 different books at once. I don't know how I do it, but I always find myself reading more than one book. I am actually working on finishing my book in the first 6 months of this year... Wish me luck!!
  5. I'm listening to Nina Simone's song 'I want a little sugar in my bowl' and I keep listening to it over and over. When I grow up I wanna have a voice like Nina's :)
  6. I love living in Cape Town, I didn't dig it so much when I first moved here. I had no family or friends here and I was miserable, but now I've gotten into my own rhythm and I sort of do my own thing here. AND the scenery is AMAZING!!!
  7. I'm short sighted, so I CANNOT drive without my glasses... I mean I could, but I probably shouldn't LOL

And that's it. So go ahead and do your own and have fun doing it :)

I tried not to mention any of the things I mentioned here, so excuse me if they sound a little weird!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sushi heals EVERYTHING!!!

I am not feeling very well today. Something to do with my ovaries... Not really important!

So I sent Marcee an email telling her that I wasn't feeling very well and basically feeling very sorry for myself. So she said she would come home early and she did! Early for my dear darlingest best friend is anytime before 6 ha ha ha ha and she works across the road from our little home.

So she got here and said she had a surprise for me. Guess what she got me?

YAY!!! I'm so lucky to have such a caring friend. She actually bought 'Salmon roses'... So YUM!!

I'm listening to Alicia Keys' Superwoman: "Even when I'm a mess I still put on a vest with an S on my chest..." That is my Marcee, she flies to the Sushi bar to get her ailing friend Salmon Roses. She's a SUPERWOMAN!

Will Smith made me quit my job

and start LIVING my DREAM!!

I have always admired Will Smith as a man, an artist and as a Black person. So I found the interview, below, over at world star hip hop and I was astounded. The interview started out pretty average but then it got REALLY interesting.

I cried throughout more than half of this interview because he spoke to my soul... yes, yes, I know that I'm a cry baby, but I only cry because it really touched my soul. Do yourself a favour and watch this interview. YAY WILL SMITH!!

Things that stuck with me:
"From the specific comes the universal" - Will quoting Denzel Washington on working on 'universal' projects.

"We ARE who we CHOOSE to be."

and my favourite:

"If you stay ready, you aint gotta get ready."

Okay... Okay... I hear you God and thank you Universe for yet another sign. I get it!! I get it!!

Note to self: make sure you have dinner with Will Smith i n the near future and pick his brain. Who knows? Maybe we could do a movie together :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

The week that was...

Okay I'm gonna start doing a weekly round up here, sometimes I just don't have time to do posts every day.

  1. Discovered a new favourite song on 'As I am' (Alicia's new album) it's call I NEED YOU!!!
  2. South Africa's first Black Springboks (national rugby team) coach, Peter de Villiers, announced on Wednesday.
  3. Decided to take a month off (can't really say more than that at this stage)
  4. Bought Kanyes' CD... I know I said I would do it last year already, but life got in the way.
  5. Dad thought my little brother was a Satanist because he found HEAVY rock CD's and DVD's in his room. This was HILLARIOUS!!!
  6. Watched National Treasure: Book of secrets. Lots of fun!!
  7. Went out for Cosmo's and Sushi before the movie with my favourite girl (Marcee)
  8. Started working out the plan for my NPO (it's really exciting because I really want to do this)
  9. Worked on SONG ONE by myself... I'm meeting with Chris after the 21st because right now things are a little hectic.

That's it for last week :)

Rappers belong in...

I can think of a million places, but church certainly wasn't going to be right at the top of the list. Found the clip below on Kanyes' blog, I like going there (both church and Kanye's blog LOL) from time to time. It's Common freestyling in church.

Good times!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

International music vs Local music

About 2 weeks ago Marcee and I were watching a doccie on C Breezy's (Chris Brown) trip to South Africa and we started talking about something very interesting.

International or local artists?

Marcee said that she was starting to take offence when international artists whose songs are often on high rotation come to South Africa and say 'Oh I had no idea how popular my songs are here'. I guess I understand where she is coming from. It makes us feel really crap that they know how many albums they sold in the US/ UK/ Japan but the rest of the world doesn't even really matter.

That got me thinking that more than 50% of what we hear on radio comes fro outside of Africa and that no doubt influences record sales. I mean I only recently (2 yrs ago) started buying South African music and I know some people who don't even consider it worth buying. What's really annoying is that we are 'showing a lot of love' to people that don't even consider us worth finding out about.

Ever since I started working at Radio 2000 I have heard some really good music and thought that these people work their butts of to produce music that is worth buying and people don't think it's not good enough to buy. It's these people that go around South Africa and put on amazing shows, got to obscure towns and 'show a lot of love' to people who bother to buy their CD's. CD's that cost less than that of acts from outside of Africa.

Marcee pointed something else out though: there are a lot of popular local acts that keep putting out the 'same' song and calling it something different and people worship these people. These are people who have never thought of playing with a live band and usually mime their way through ;live performances' and people glorify these people.

So not only do decent musicians have to compete with international acts, they also need to compete with local gimmicks. Is it any wonder that the talented local bands go outside of the country, where they might get 'a lot of love shown' to them? Or start requesting quality local music on our radio stations??? I don't know man!!!

I happen to LOVE music and it breaks my heart when quality is chosen over a gimmick. So what exactly is the solution here? To tell the 'overlooked' to keep making good music and hope that the lights will come on? Or tell them to go overseas and find their fortune there?

And the international ones? Well... I am really disappointed with a lot of them for not coming out here while they are still in the prime. Seriously, no one wants to see a hasbeen (who doesn't even draw crowds in their own country) perform here. We deserve the same 'love' that they show to their other fans.

That's it!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Estelle loves dem American Boys!!!

Okay, you have to hear this song. Estelle is ready to SHINE!!! The song features Kanye West and it's called 'American boy'. I think Mr John did good by helping share her genius (as in someone who listens to the wisdom of their soul- definition courtesy of another John) with the world.


Song makes me want to pack my bags and go find myself an American boy LOL!! You saw how nicely little Chris Breezy is growing up ha ha ha. In fact I'm gonna start planning a trip to New York for around December time LOL!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

He wrote it for me....

I'm talking about Chris Brown's song 'With you' and No, he didn't write it for me LOL. I might be a little old for him. Isn't he 18? Yeah...

I really like this song, there is something so catchy about it and I dont usually like his 'slower' songs, so this is one is a winner. He was down here (South Africa) a while ago and I saw a doccie about it and then Marcee and I got into a conversation about international artists and their relationship with us (their South African fans). I will do a post about this conversation soon.

So here is this really sweet song by this sweet young man: Chris Brown... I can see why my 10yr old niece looks at posters of this guy and looks like she can't breathe LOL! They didn't make them like this when I was younger (than I am now, cause I'm not that old).

"I need you boo. I gotta see you boo..."

Monday, January 7, 2008

Expensive Champagne...

1. Doesn't give you a hangover

2. Is best enjoyed on New Years Eve

3. Makes you feel like this...

(We took one without any lip gloss and we though we looked too crusty, so in our slightly inebriated state we put on lipstick AND gloss. This is why we are not make up artists LMAO)

She looks like she is at soccer match!!! She really liked that champagne!

But... I REALLY LOVED IT!! You'll never see me looking this happy again...


The post of Chritsmas past

Okay, so I did fly to Jozi after that mess with Nationwide (AAARRGGHHHH) and spending time at home was so much fun.

I got to see my brothers kids. Such precious children. He has 3 kids, but I only saw 2 of them (the other baby was with her mom).

Very smart and cute niece Kamo, she's turning 11 in Feb. She says she wants to be an archaeologist when she grows up... Oh! And she LOVES singing!!!

Nephew (and occasional trouble maker) Tumi, he got an X Box for Christmas (nice dad). Notice the plastic on the sofas. My mom doesn't play that ha ha ha. You gotta love how much she loves her furniture. She will wrap it up if necessary.

This cutie pie is the one I didn't get to see. She must be so big now! Oh my little Khutso!

I got to spend time with my brothers. I took them out for dinner (with Marcee and mom) because Junior passed Matric (Grade 12). I'm so proud of him. This year 65.2 % of the students who sat down and wrote the Grade 12 exams passed. It's scary...

Unfortunately a lot of children feel the pressure from their families and some think that committing suicide is the only way out. Scary how one moment can seem so bad, like it will never get better.

Pics from dinner we had at Soi in Melville

My two monkey brothers pulling faces. Big brother had been on the road for HOURS (back from a friends funeral) and little brother couldn't wait to go and celebrate the 'end of high school' with the class of 2007.

Mother and child.

Me and little brother Junior... You know how much I love photos where I'm looking crusty LOL!!!

Marcia (notice how the crust factor is also high here) with little brother.

And of course it's seeing people happy during Christmas time. We bought my aunty a microwave. She turns 73 this year and it meant a lot to her. My mom says she was always talking about how one day she would buy a microwave oven... WELL, now she has one!!! She was so happy she cried!!!

We had Kamo cover her eyes while dad brought in the gift.

Dad, ever the comedian, wanted me to take a picture of the hand over.

Still crying. (Oh the house is being renovated that's why it looks like day 3 of Extreme makeover
home edition with Ty Pennington LOL)

Me and crying aunt with Microwave oven. YIPEEEEEE!!!

I love spending time with my family...

Hope you enjoyed your holidays.