Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm an African

And so proud of it. Today I was wearing my fave Tee that says 'I love Africa'. I don't just love being a South African. I love being an African and I don't for one minute think that I am 'separate' from the rest of Africa. I don't know how many times I've heard some of my fellow South AFRICANS say things like: "this is _____, he is from Africa" or "I'd love to go to Africa"... Uhmmm okay I'm sure '___' comes from a country with a name, like Central African Republic or Tanzania. Where in Africa would you like to go my friend? Seeing as how you are already in Africa, maybe you don't have to go anywhere.

So, my friends... Why not learn more about Africa? You know, become part of the African continent. While on my vegetarian 'experiment', I'm going to buy a book by an African author and expand my mind :) I'm not saying go out there and learn the names of all the countries on this lovely continent (which might not be a bad idea), but learn something about our brothers that we share this lovely (sometimes heart breaking) continent of ours.

This is a short post because, it's late, I've got waaaaayyy too much work to do and I NEED some beauty sleep.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beef or Chickpeas?

Hmm... So the wife (Marcee) and I have decided to try out 'vegetarianism' (is that a real word?). We both grew up in homes where eating meat was a way life. I mean my dad is traumatised if we make a meal with no meat in it. When I say no meat I mean no 'visible' meat (preferably red). I once mad Chicken stir-fry with Cashew nuts and he looked like he was going to die. Too many vegetables, the meat was in 'strips' and I had the audacity to put 'peanuts' in his food. LMAO. The look on his face was priceless. He tried very hard to enjoy it... That was the last time we had Stir-fry at home :)

So Ms Pretty and I are gonna try the whole Vegetarian thing out. We both have been toying with the idea for a while, so we thought 'why not try it out?'. In preparation for out 'big experiment' I downloaded the 'Vegetarian Starter kit' and oh my goodness... I had NO IDEA what animals go through, just so we can eat them. That being said I'm not sure Marcee and I are going to go 'cold turkey'. Too scary. I mean I've eaten meat all my life. That is part of my identity. I know it sounds like rubbish, but I've been a meat eater for the longest time.

So this is how it's going to work:
We are going to cut the meat out of our diet slowly.
We will have one week with no meat and one week with some meat.
The dairy products will stay for a LONG time.

This will be very hard... I mean, what are we going to cook? Eeek!! We are going to collect vegetarian recipes and try new things out :) The 'experiment' starts next week on Monday. Depending on the outcome we could either remain meat eaters, be lacto-vegetarians (I like that option better) or be Vegans. I'm sweating thinking about all this.

Wish us luck. I'm so lucky that I'm doing this with my best friend.

Where the eff did Tuesday go?

I just woke up from my 'sick person' sleep and realised that Tuesday is GONE!! It is now Wednesday. sob sob sob! The plan was to take a nap and wake up later but...

It's after midnight, SABC 1 is playing RUBBISH music, my throat and chest hurt, I have day job stuff to do and I didn't get to work on my music because Tuesday decided to leave without informing me. I'm helluva grumpy now. I really really need to find a way to make time for my music. If I'm going to become a full time muso at some stage it needs to happen in this lifetime. It's not like the day job pays loads of money. Why couldn't my destiny be something like being a doctor? Why did it have to be something that requires so much out of me. I'm thankful for my gift, I really am... But I'm not feeling so wonderful today.

Cheerful me is still sleeping, thinking that she will wake up at about 21:00 (on Tuesday) and get some work done. Grumpy me is awake, has access to my blog and needs to 'off load' a bit. I wonder how cheerful the other girl will be when she wakes up at 06:00 on Tuesday? I pity anyone that has to work with her later.

My apologies for complaining so much. It's been coming for a while, but I'm one of those 'automatic smile' people. 'Automatic smile' is sort of like 'Auto pilot': when things get a little too much, I shut down and smile until I feel like I can deal with it. A part of me wants to scream 'Help, I'm not dealing' but I never do. Note to self: please learn how to say when crash land, instead of going into 'automatic smile' all the time. Nobody likes a winy Ms Porcelain anyway.

I guess it's time to start seriously thinking of another alternative. I'm a journ graduate with some 'marketing' experience, surely I can find something that does not need my attention ALL the time. I'm a freelancer dammit! I'm not supposed to be working 7 days a week on ONE job. I need my music, I don't know how to cope otherwise. How the hell am I gonna start playing 'gigs' if I have no effing time to scratch my effing arse? I think I better leave before 'grumpy me' turns into 'monster me'.

Better make the best of Wednesday before this B*%$h disappears as well. Sigh...

Monday, May 28, 2007

Another again?

One more hot man. Oh the HOTNESS!!

Okay, back to work for me.

I need a Hero

And that man might be offering his services :)

Feeling really awful and still working. Thought I'd leave some hotness here for fun. He is the reason why 'Heroes' is so much fun.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday blues

"Yesterday I was on top of the world, but today I sing the blues..." That is my Sunday Blues song. I just realised that I have to go to work tomorrow.

I'm not hating the day job as much anymore, but it's still sad that the weekend is over so quickly. I hope tomorrow is a good day. Monday is always a little slow :( AND I think I'm getting sick again :(

Oh well, might as well enjoy what is left of the weekend. Here is something to make you (me especially) smile. Another pic from my first live performance with LP Show :) Aaahh the good times!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

2 AMAZING days!!

On Friday I attended Africa day celebrations at the Artscape. The show was great, except there were a couple of people sitting behind me who insisted on talking through the whole thing. OH!! And... Marcee broke her zip while we were in the ladies. LMAO! She didn't want to come out of the bathroom until she had fixed it. Poor girl! I finally convinced her to come out of the stall and cover her 'open fly' with her bag. She was super embarrassed.

That was not what made Friday amazing. After the show I interviewed Neo Muyanga. I couldn't believe it, but you know I had to keep my cool because I was on the job. What a nice guy that Neo. So intelligent, so talented, so gentle, so humble, so... so... Uhmmm, where was I? Oh yes, the interview! The interview went very well. I'm becoming quite the 'journo' ha ha ha. Pity I'll have to give all that up when I become a full time Muso.

Today was also an amazing day. Met up with my wonderful Piano teacher and played her my new song. She said it was great and taught me more 'techniques' that can help me write better songs. I actually feel like I've been writing baby songs and my latest song is my first 'adolescent' song. I'll be writing 'grown up songs' in no time.

I can't believe how far I've come. I feel like I've grown so much in the past couple of months. The past two days have been AMAZING!!! I'm drinking Champagne as I type this, so please forgive any typos :)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The good, the bad and the FABULOUS!!

Hoooweee!! I wasn't able to do a post (is that grammatically correct?) last night because I was hanging out with Benjy during his show (Rock of Ages) and boy am I glad. So much has happened...

The Good:
Yesterday was 'take a girl child to work day' and we had three young ladies from Crestway High (in Retreat) in the studio with us. Turchia Petersen, Phoebe Sibomana and Silvane Masoka were such a blessing and such a pleasure to have in the studio with us. These 3 young ladies were so sweet and enthusiastic. One gets so caught up in the useless drama and 'ugly bits' of your job that you forget how amazing your job is... Well, that is if you really love what you do. Besides making music there is nowhere else I would rather be (radio is soooo much fun).

Yesterday Benjy had an interview with Paul Rodgers and OH WOW!! What a nice guy. I just sat in the studio with a big smile on my face. He kept breaking into song during the interview. What a voice! What a nice way to end a Thursday night. I got home just before midnight (I left just before the show ended).

The Bad:
Okay... I try very hard to be positive and not let the bullsh&$ get to me, but... I was checking out ybf and bossip (because I needed to fill my entertainment quota for the day) earlier today and I saw this (Rihanna in US weekly). I am really disappointed. I didn't even see this one coming! Dammit Rihanna! I thought she was a little smarter than that. I am NOT condemming her for wanting to 'be better'. No, not at all. I'm sad that she is doing it the way she is. She is not even 20 so i guess we can look forward to 12 year olds following in her foot steps. Nuff said!

We interviewed Lebo Mashile today. What a way to start the weekend. The woman is so lovely and she has a lot to say as well and I LOVE that!! I asked her whether why she thought there were so many young, successful women who were single (does she think that African men have evolved). She said that a lot of successful women make such poor choices in their relationships. Perhaps that is what God wants: for young successful women to be 'alone' so that they are able to grow within in themselves and better themselves. Those weren't her exact words, but that is basically what she said. Now why have I never looked at it that way?


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thank you Thami Ngubeni!!

She said something that moved me in her first ever 'editors note'. She was talking about one of her favourite quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson: "All that I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all that I have not seen".

The wise words from O magazines newest editor: "It acknowledges my belief that we are all loved and taken care of, and that the future that awaits us is so much grander that our grandest vision. Our greatest challenge lies in trusting the process, and life continues to show me that that it is only when we let go that we truly receive."

There are so many wonderful women in this wonderful country of ours, teaching me lessons and speaking so much wisdom. I am so grateful that I am able to HEAR them. This journey is proving to be more exciting, more exciting and challenging that I expected. So loving being me right now :)

Gotta go now kids, Heroes is on now. I hope it's gonna be good.

This is a man's world

Ha ha ha ha, okay it's not REALLY a man's world. When some women are in a male dominated industry they tend to over compensate. By either being really in-your-face loud or 'mean' to prove that they are as capable as their male counterparts. I used to work for one such woman and she really commanded 'respect' (or fear).

Today I was pleasantly surprised. We interviewed the chairperson of the BWA's (Business Women's Association) Cape Town branch: Ferose Oaten. She is the owner of AVT Roadworthy Stations and the president of RTM (Retail Motor Industry). The motor industry (is that what they call it?) is male dominated, so one would expect her to be have one of those 'compensating' personalities.

She spoke so softly and STILL commanded respect. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen/heard. The woman really knew what she was talking about and she did it with a smile on her face. She wasn't loud or animated, but she was so like-able. She KNEW what she was talking about and she listened. WOW!! Loving being a woman right now!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Still up...

Working on 'day job' stuff. Why is it that when I think everything is on track it all falls apart? I hope that I will have everything under control by the middle of June.

Started writing a really pretty song... YES!!! I'm back! I'm really digging this song that I am writing. Oooh look at me, writing a song on my own (nerd!). I'm hoping to have it 'sort' of done by Saturday. I've started setting deadlines for myself. I know you can't put deadlines to 'creativity', but deadlines help.

Okay gotta go!

Monday, May 21, 2007

It may be cold in Cape Town...

But it is hot in Las Vegas...

I was messing around over here (while waiting for CSI to start), when I found this hot man!! I enjoy CSI because it's 'gripping stuff' and because oooh Gary is HOT.

Thought I should post a hottie after my loooong hip hop rant :)

Enjoy... I know I am!!

The hip hop issue Part 2

So there I was... happily surfing the net and I came across a few clips (I have put them on here for your perusal.)

I didn't think I would have to do another post so soon after the last one. To many this may seem like a futile fight, but to me it is worthwhile. So let's do it like this: The two men who caught my attention today will go first and give their opinion and then I will go last and YOU be the judge. I don't want to hear that I'm 'right' or 'wrong'... I REALLY want to hear what people think.

50 cents giving his opinion:

T.I giving his opinion

Ms Porcelain gives her opinion:

I am really starting to think that these 'starts' have NO idea how much influence they have. Really. I'm not being sarcastic. It must be hard for any one person to imagine that they INFLUENCE the way people around the WORLD THINK. Curtis and T.I said they had really 'hard' lives. Growing up they didn't think much of themselves or the areas where they grew up, so they got into the wrong kinda life.

Then they use their 'talent' and gain popularity, so they ride the wave. Not knowing that this is a moer se wave. A worldwide wave! Unless we all show them that they are glorifying this 'tough' life then they will continue to give us these passionate displays of pleading innocent. I'm SOOOO tired of it. SOOO tired!!

I used to LOVE Hip Hop. Growing up I used to listen to 'Gin n Juice' man. I loved Craig Macks 'Flava in ya ear'... Those cats had 'tough' lives too. They reflected on the 'hard' times, but they also made music that made you feel good. Music you could laugh at. Music that was about more than 'gats', 'ice', 'rims', 'h*%s' and n*&^$r this and n*&%$r that! Def Squad's remake of 'rappers delight' is what hip hop was for me. I could laugh and dance without feeling like I was being humiliated... All I'm saying is reflect your lives but don't let that be all that you reflect. Nobody is one dimensional, so show us the other side of hip hop. The side that I first fell for. The side of hip hop that has turned it's back on me... I'm not picking on any one artist here. I'm speaking to everyone that is involved with this one dimensional bastardised version of 'current' hip hop.

Just so you know. I'm not saying 'don't swear'! I'm not saying don't write a song about women who sleep around. I'm not even saying don't talk about a shoot out that you've been in/or seen. What I am saying is, don't make young people think that that is all hip hop is about. And 50 is right there is WAAAYYY too much violence on TV, but right now we are talking about hip hop, so focus!

As for T.I... *sigh* What is he talking about? What the hell does he mean he has no idea what children will 'take away' from his lyrics? If your lyrics contain explicit sex and violence... Uhmm that is exactly what kids are going to 'take' from it. That if a grown man (that they happen to idolise) can say that, why would it be wtrong for them to think like that? I do, however, agree with him saying that parents should be more involved in their childrens lives. I agree with 100%. Let's all take responsibility for the part that we have, are or will play in this mess.

Nuff said...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Broke and making music?

I apologise for lack of posts: Friday was a write off: because I was SOOO tired. Internet was giving me problems on Saturday and so here I am today! On to the post...

I was talking to my piano teacher about how awful I felt about my music coming second to everything (everything being the day job). She said that perhaps I should give up my job and be prepared to be broke in order to be happy making music... Well those weren't her exact words but she said something along those lines.

Now, please don't get me wrong. I am willing to work hard at what I do. And I'm willing to work at it for as long as it takes. BUT I am not sure that I am willing to give up the day job that is currently paying for my car and rent. There is this weird belief that if you are willing to 'starve' for your music then you are truly committed... Uhm... NO!! That is not how I choose to fulfill my destiny. I do not come from a wealthy family and I've worked my butt of to be where I am now; I'm not rich but I can certainly afford a FEW things that make my life comfortable.

It is because of my day job that I was able to buy my keyboard, pay for my piano lessons and pay for the 'studio' that I did my demo in. It was this demo that helped me figure out 'my sound'. Yes, I don't get to sit around making music all day. I KNOW that one day I will be able to do that, but right now the day job is 'helping' me along the way. So, what sacrifices am I willing to make for my music? Well the day job keeps me busy for most of my after noons (and sometimes weekends), but every other moment is spent working on my music. I give up sleep and good looks (from lack of beauty sleep) so that I am able to become a better musician.

So do I have to be broke to be making music my people? I don't think so!
Will I become a full time muso? Hell Yeah!! It might not happen over night, but it WILL happen!

P.S I've had a few people complain about me saying Steve is bringing sexy back, so I watched 7de Laan repeats today... I STILL think Steve is bringing sexy back to the 'Laan'...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Not trying to be morbid or anything

As part of my job I have to check out headlines and see what is happening in our country and around the world. I read the Cape Times and News24. What I saw on News 24 was a little disturbing.

The headlines that caught my eye were:
'Crowd bays for paedophiles blood'
'Despicable rapist gets 25yrs'
'Drunken dad raped daughter, 8'
'Man arrested for pensioner rape'

And these are just the cases that have been reported on. I am very concerned about the number of people that are being forced to live with abuse (sexual, emotional and physical). Some people say that it is because of poverty and I beg to differ. It is not just children that live in shacks that are being abused. This is everyone's problem; from the mansions to the shacks. What scares me the most is that no parent can watch their children 24/7. Children spend so much time 'away' from home (school, malls, relatives etc) and there is no saying that they will not fall victim to the abuser in their own homes (like in the story about the man raping his own daughter).

So, what are we going to do protect our children? Be more vigilant? Live in fear? Trust nobody around your kids? Not even the father of your kids? Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all fathers abuse their kids. That is not what I'm saying! But I am looking for answers. How are the children of South Africa (and the world) suppose to live?

I want to be somebody's wife one day. I want to be a mother to four kids. But today as I read the headlines this morning, I wasn't so sure anymore. I kept thinking about bringing children into a world where it is cot uncommon for 9 month old babies to be raped, where fathers rape their own children (boys and girls), where their mothers or grandmothers aren't safe from sick people. This morning I honestly felt like we were letting the children of the world...

I know, I know: what a morbid post! I wont go any further. Just wanted to share my anxiety with you all.

P.S I promise to do my hot Afrikaans okes post soon :) (Steve was looking hot today again)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Steve Hofmeyr more popular than my Vay-jay-jay!!!

Okay what the heck is going on? How is this even possible? So I went over to Amatomu and checked out my stats. Shock. Horror. GASP!!! Apparently the Steve Hofmeyr post was more popular than the one about my Va-jay-jay!!

This is such a messed up world!! That can't be right!! Is the man THAT sexy!! I don't know why I'm so cut up about this... I can't believe that you would rather read bout Steve 'bringing sexy back' than reading about me touching myself. The world is not such a great place after all LMAO.

Since you all like that sort of thing, I'm going to do a post on hot Afrikaans okes!

A Good night to you all!!!!

(Update: I've added the link to the post about my Va-jay-jay so you all dont think I'm weird or anything. It was all very clean. I promise)

Drinking again...

Yes sir I am indeed drinking again! Oh how I've missed my evening glass of someting-someting!! Ha ha ha ha ha!! I'm so happy to be drinking again! I finished my antibiotics and today I finished 2 glasses of champagne :)

I have been MAD busy with the day job (BOO!!) and haven't had time to even sit down at the piano and finish my song (DOUBLE BOO!!). So I'm dedicating my weekend to music. My weekend in Jozi was crazee. Woke up early on Saturday and had to be at the meeting at 07:30. They said breakfast would be served. CLEARLY we have different ideas of what breakfast really is because I don't think tea and scones is breakfast!! I needed some fibre and something to keep me going for the rest of the morning. ANYWAY!! I only left that place at about 20:30. Then spent Sunday morning in meetings again and flew back to Cape Town at about 14:00.

I am SO looking forward to having my weekend all to myself. Day job is really taking up too much time.

P.S I'm watching Oprah repeats... I'm so glad that Lady O is back on our screens. I LOVE Oprah!! Especially after 2 glasses of champagne :) hee hee!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Steve Hofmeyr!!!

I know a lot of people will disagree with what I'm about to say and that's okay. But just give me a minute to explain myself. Today I was watching 7de Laan today and saw ol' Steve. He wasn't doing anything special but I suddenly thought to myself: hey this guy isn't so bad looking in fact he was looking... Uhm sexy! I can see why some women would be falling over themselves. Don't get me wrong he isn't my type, but he did have that 'older man' kinda sexy going on. Hmmm I wonder if Steve is 'bringing sexy back' to die Laan. Okay enough about that.

It's raining, I'm still on antibiotics and I would really like to have a glass of wine. Life is so unfair. It's CSI night-yay!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Life and love?!

I'm back from Jozi. I was busy all of Saturday, day job is keeping me busy. But, I got to spend the evening with my mommy. This was the highlight of my weekend. Aaaww, I missed her so much. She wasn't feeling well, but we still had a good time: sitting on my bed and talking about everything. My mom and I can laugh for ages, that's what I love about our relationship. I love her! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE MOMMIES!!

So there is this thing that's bothering me... Well remember when I told you about that mutual friend (before I went into my big hip hop 'rant')? You know, the one that I might sorta like? Well, I am having one of those 'I really like him' days and I'm not loving feeling this way. This friend is sort of not in the same place as me, which makes it 'not so ideal' for me to like him. How do you stop yourself from liking someone? I know that you can't really do it, but there must be something that I can do to stop thinking about this man!!

If you have any advice to offer, I'm all ears. I have sooo much work to do, so gotta go.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Back in 'Gauteng maboneng'

I forgot to mention that I would be in Jozi for the weekend. We are having a team 'break away' thing. Day job really is making it difficult to get any music done. I almost forgot how cold this place can get.

Trying to get a boarding pass was an absolute nightmare today. The flight that I was on was supposedly 'over-booked' so we had to wait around for SAA to make a plan: SWAK!! I did eventually make it, but still. Waiting is annoying and I really expected better from SAA. Funny how I never experience things like this when I fly Nationwide or BA...

Posts might be short or non-existent this weekend. Just thought I should let you know.

Okay, am off to sleep now. I have to be up and ready to go at 07:15. I work with really punctual people and I don't want them to think me rude, so have to be on time.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Extreme makeover (time edition)

I love seeing people 'get better', I'm a recovering Extreme Makeover addict. Lack of Mnet open time will do that to you. I've decided to share with you some of the people who I think have gotten better with time... With no help from plastic surgeons. It's actually my top 5 for today. You might recognise some of these faces (hee hee).

5. Destinys Child
Okay, okay so they replaced Letoya and Latavia with Michelle, but they still look good after a little bit of age. I'm well aware of the photoshop factor, but still :)



4. Common

I wanted to make him number one because... Well you know I think he is ridiculously hot, but Marcee insists he deserves to be number 4. I'm so glad he has aged HOOOWEEE!!



3. John Legend
Okay, okay this man has the cutest face!! But that 'hur' is killing me. Guess the man is like fine wine... Loving the 'mature' John :)



2. Nelson Mandela
Why? You ask. I don't mind the young Madiba, but something about the older 'Tata' is so appealing. There is so much kindness and wisdom in the 'After'.



1. LMAO... I really have nothing to say about the winners!!



Ms Marcee on her way to a PARTY!!

Ms Porcelain the day before she turned 24 ha ha ha. Okay so we haven't gotten that much better ha ha ha ha.

Let's play this game again real soon.

Pics from:

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

This afternoon

Met up with 'N' today, from this post. Very nice guy. I decided to take a taxi to town, because lunchtime traffic is PATHETIC and there is NEVER any parking in town at that time of the day.

The taxi ride was cool: some drunk gets on after me and takes one look at me and says "You're a quiet one nah?" Of course I'm quiet, I don't know anyone in the taxi. I nod and he obviously takes that as a sign of me being interested in what he has to say. So he goes into a whole speech about how quiet women are the 'dangerous' ones, because they never say what their up to. I know I shouldn't have encouraged him, but he was kinda funny. Cape humour rocks (esp if you understand Afrikaans)!

Back to the meeting with 'N'. I was a little early, thanks to the taxi drivers 'skillz', so I ordered coffee. 'N' showed up and we hit it off immediately. We spoke about his vision for the band and his LOVE of Tracy Chapman's music. I quite enjoyed talking to him, very chilled guy. I gave him my music and explained 'my journey' as best as I could. After 2 hours and 2 cups of coffee we said our goodbyes and I headed for the taxi. Sadly there were only sober people in that taxi.

Not sure whether he will call me and say 'Yes, you're it', but it would be nice. I have had to stop myself from fantasising about being in a band and actually playing gigs. What about Black Porcelain you may ask? Well... I don't know! Maybe I have to do a bit of 'No Doubt' before I do my own 'Holler back girl' thing. Does that make any kind of sense? Now I have to wait and see if 'N' likes my voice. I think I'm going to be very patient at the end of this journey.

Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Great TV night??

The amazing race is back and so is ANTM!! So I'm thinking tonight might be a great TV night especially since I'm feeling not so great (good TV nights always make me feel better). Reality TV is so bad... but so GOOOOOOD!

Went to the Dr today and she prescribed antibiotics. I'm not a big fan of antibiotics. AND to make things worse the pharmacist said that I couldn't have ANY alcohol while I'm on these frigin antibiotics. Great...

I have a lot of work to do so I'm going to keep this post short. I've got my laptop on the bed and I'm watching TV while eating. Talk about multi-tasking!

Later :)

Monday, May 7, 2007

Taking back my Va-jay-jay

Yes this is a post about my vagina, so if you are not interested please stop reading NOW... You have been warned!

Okay so today I had to do something that involved having to take a mirror and looking at my Va-jay-jay. Don't be perverted, it was purely medical. It was then when I realised that I had no idea what it looked like. I know what my arms look like, I have a fair idea of what my face looks like but my Va-jay-jay... No!!!

This had me very worried. Am I the only woman who has no idea what her 'Cooter' (Tertia's word) looks like? I mean it's different with women, our 'sensitive bits' don't hang about like a penis. We all grow up knowing what a penis looks like, but never really knowing what a vagina looks like. Is it any wonder that men have no idea what to do with it? And how can we expect them to know what to do with it, when we are scared/ashamed of looking at our own Va-jay-jays?

So today I am taking back my Va-jay-jay. Taking it back from all those people who tell little girls that only 'forward' girls are curious about their vagina's. From all the men who use it as something bad (calling us bitches, sluts and hoes), from the Gynae (oh I know they mean well) but we all think that the Gynae has a right to look at it and you don't... I'm taking it back and I WILL be in charge of it fro now on.

Taking it back is not as easy as it sounds you know. At first glance it looks.... uhmm... SCARY!! Whoa Ms Porcelain!! Not bad scary, just intimidating-kind-of scary. There are so many parts of it and each part has it's own function and personality. That is a lot of work! So, once I'm in touch with all those different parts and I'm happy with what I know about myself. I can introduce a worthy man to my Va-jay-jay.

I'm going to once again ask you all (ladies) to join me. Go ahead... Touch yourself!! And the rest of you (gentlemen) encourage your lady to touch herself and for goodness sakes tell her how much you appreciate that beautiful Va-jay-jay.

Nuff said...

Blogger be trippin' yo!!

I don't want you to think that I'm fading on you... I'm not, really.

Blogger be trippin'. yesterday I could not log on and since I'm not a techie I was unable to get to the 'root' of the problem. SWAK BLOGGER!! SWAK!!

Eeek, must go back to work. Just because I work from home, it doesn't mean that I can afford to play around and surf the net.


Sunday, May 6, 2007

It's Sunday already?

I was gonna take a 5 minute nap before posting a blog last night. When I opened my eyes I discovered that Saturday was over and it is now Sunday... AAARGHH!! I hate being sick.

I thought I was feeling better so I over did things yesterday. I didn't wear a jersey (mainly because it was like 30 degrees outside), had a glass of champagne, had a dentists appointment, went to piano lesson etc. At about 8pm it finally caught up with me and I was all flu-ey!! I got into bed and decided to watch TV. By the time 'Monsoon wedding' was on I was EXHAUSTED!! That's when I had my bright '5-minute-nap' idea.

Oh well...

Friday, May 4, 2007

Plight of the homeless

There are a couple of homeless guys outside where I work. When I first started working there one of them asked to wash my car and I kindly declined. Not because my car was clean, it was in actual fact VERY dirty. I just couldn't afford to pay him because I hadn't been paid that month... Don't ask, it's a long story.

This guy and I had a good rapport, so gave him money whenever I had any spare change or if I had any food to spare. He just has such a nice face and he is funny as well. What I didn't know was that all the other homeless people had noticed that I gave money and food. It wasn't long before I had people waiting for me at my car asking for food or money. Because I hadn't been paid in two months I REALLY REALLY didn't have money to spare. I was depending on my father who was giving me the very little money that he could spare. When I finally did get paid I gave money whenever I could. But there seemed to be more and more people with more and more stories and I just didn't have enough money for all of them...

Do you think it's wrong for me to giving homeless people money and if so is there a homeless shelter that can donate money to and once the money has been donated does it get used properly... I know, I know it's such a morbid topic. But it's already cold and I get cold at night. What about the homeless?

Surely there is something that we can do. The reason I say we can do something is because we are in a position to do something and they aren't. When you are on the streets hungry and cold you become desperate. And there a lot of SICK people out there who will take advantage of that desperation: I think you all know what I'm talking about. I know that we can't save everyone, but let's at least try.

Okay I'm done.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Would you mind seeing THIS on a billboard?

*Question is posed at the end of the post*
Okay, so while I was at home I spent a little bit of time with my little brother J. We have a really great relationship and I adore the little guy. He's actually not little, he turns 18 in October. Anyway, we were sitting in his room and he said something very interesting.

You, see I have a bit of a 'gap' between my two front teeth. It's all genetic and not a side-effect of anything really. My mom has it, my fathers mom and sisters have it too so it would only be right for me to have one. My dad and brothers do not have a gap... Of course life is so hard for men, why make it harder by passing on the 'gap-gene'? I've never really seen anything wrong with it really. It's always been part of me, like the fact that I have a dimple on one cheek and not the other. It's one of the things that make me: ME!

So little-man J pipes up "when are you gonna get your teeth fixed?" At this point I'm not thinking anything of it because when he was younger he used to say: 'your teeth are so are so far apart, it looks like your tongue is in jail. Yeah... I know, REAL funny guy! He carried on to say 'imagine your smiling face on a big billboard and the size of your big gap. No!' The first thing I thought was 'yay my little boet thinks I'm gonna be famous' and then I thought 'Hey! My gap is not a bad thing!'

Do you have to be perfect to be in the lime light? I don't want to be a model, I just wanna sing. So I thought I might ask you all if you mind seeing this (see picture of 'gap' below) on a billboard somewhere?

There is a poodle on my head..

No not really. I just decided to show you what my 'new' hair looks like LOL. The security guard at work noticed that my hair was shorter and that I had put blonde streaks in it. He even said it looked GOOD. So I was wrong when I thought that nobody had noticed. Not bad right?
P.S sorry about the peeking 'boobage' ha ha ha ha. I'm sexy even when I'm not trying to be ha ha ha ha.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Still sick...

And hating it (being sick that is). I struggled to get out of bed this morning. Eventually made my way to work, only to be turned away when I go there. Apparently I'm visibly ill. I've been drugged all day, Marcee insists that bed rest will make Flu go away. The only thing I see going away is precious time. That's one less Grammy that will be displayed in my mansion LOL.

Did I mention I had blond streaks put in when I was in JOZI? It seemed like a really good idea at the time. But now with bed rest and not a comb in sight, I look like a neglected poodle that's been playing in the mud landed on my head. And this why music is the only man in my life ha ha ha.

Was supposed to meet with N today, but alas. Minus one more Grammy for the mansion. I'm sure there's a good blues song in there somewhere. Have to take meds again, good night.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Screw instant gratification!!!!!

It's bullshit and it makes you lazy!!! Two very important things happened today...

First important thing:
I'm not releasing my EP this month (May), in fact it might not happen this year. Why you may ask? Because I'm not ready. I mean, I'm ready to make music. I'm just not ready for it to be released yet. In this age of instant gratification and mediocrity it's easy for a lass like myself to get caught up in the madness. Thankfully good ol' common sense and honesty always seems to prevail with me. My four finished tracks are in my opinion crap! People that have heard them like them but I DON'T! When I did them I was trying to find myself musically... I made that music as a demo for myself. I now know what I sound like and that I can write music and now I'm ready to make music that will be a decent introduction.

My whole life has been about instant gratification... Guess that's why I'm bad at relationships! I want to do right by music and by me (not sure if that makes sense ). Music is the only man in my life. I think I deserve to take it slow, like John Legend's "Ordinary people"... God, I'm cheesy LOL! We (music and I) need to get to know each other before we go public with our relationship. So you will all have to wait a while. I promise it will be worth the wait.

Second important thing:
I'm sick as a dog and I HATE it. I've been ignoring the symptoms of the dreaded Flu for a while now. Tried some "get well quick meds" but like I said before instant gratification is bullshit. So I'll have to go to the Doctor. I'm such a cry baby. I HATE being sick, so Marcee is on stand by with tissues. Too bad she doesn't have any hard liquor to offer LOL.

Do you agree with my decision? Just wondering... I know it's mine to make but I'd still like to know what you are thinking.