Sunday, July 29, 2007

Me and Rugby?

That damn ad for the Bokke has me so excited about the Rugby World Cup and I don't even like or understand rugby. I'm more a cricket girl!

The first time I saw the ad, I was like a child. I sat in front of my TV, mouth wide open and gasping. The graphics are great, even ol' Schalk didn't look half bad. It is very different from the usual 'national team ads' on TV: you know... The rainbow nation gathered at a stadium or at home around a braai smiling, laughing blah blah. This was very very different for a South African advert: impressive!


Gotta love it! What do you think of that ad??

UPDATE: Looks like Eish beat me to a post about the ad and he doesn't seem to have much love for it. Check out what he has to say about it here.

sleaze or 'art'

Look what (FILL IN THE BLANK) started...

There is a very fine line between sleaze and 'art'and this video proves it. The only difference btwn this poor girl and an 'A list' singer is budget. If this poor woman could afford a better 'set', clothes, dancers, 'weave' and 'concept' this could have been anyone of the 'A-list ladies'. I guess we are okay with demeaning videos if they have a great budget. How mislead are we really?

Am I wrong? Tell me what you think.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

NO meat?!

Okay so a while ago my wife and I decided that we were going to stop eating meat HA HA HA HA HA!!! This is the official update:

It was HARD at the beginning... VERY Hard!!! WE were both really dedicated so we stuck to the 'no meat' rule. About 2 weeks into it, I was craving chicken so I made a chicken salad for supper. I figured it wouldn't be so bad if I added chicken to a whole lot of RAW vegetables. Don't I get points for eating them raw or something?! Poor Marcee she couldn't very well, take the chicken out of our salad, so she ate it. I really do feel bad because I was the one that re-introduced meat into our diet.

After the chicken salad, we were adding a little bit of fish into our diet as well and then eventually were eating meat again.. DAMMIT Dammit!! We were coming along so nicely. So there you have: we make horrible vegetarians. We didn't know any fun veg recipes and you can only have lentil pilaf so many times HA HA HA!!

So it looks like we wont become vegetarians over night (breathing a sigh of relief). We have decided that we will not eat as much red meat as we used to. Note I said not as much and not stop eating red meat.

I'm thankful that we did try this crazy experiment out. We have gotten used to the idea of having a meal with no meat in it which is 'great'. We have eaten more veggies than we ever thought we would. We don't feel like we NEED meat. It's always good to learn something new about yourself, so it wasn't such a waste.

In my next life I want to be stong willed ha ha ha.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The GOOD news!!

I know that I have been gone for a WHILE!!! Things have been mad at work, but I promised good news a few day, so here it goes: I have officially started doing 'my own' show. It's on Saturdays between 6 and 9. YAY!!! I only told a couple of people because well... You don't want EVERYBODY you know there for your first time *CRINGE*

I'm really enjoying doing something fun. The other stuff I do during the week is fun, but this is fun-ER (hee hee). The tough part is waking up at 04:30, getting to work at 05:30 and then trying to stay awake for a piano lesson AFTER the show when I would much rather be in bed. Life's tough ha ha ha!! I think my body will get used to it eventually. I'm still feeling the effects of changing my routine SO SUDDENLY!!

I have been making more music- YAY!! I have met my inner songwriter and I think I like what I see. There is much work to be done, though.

If you happen to be up at 6am on Saturday, be sure to tune in :)

P.S Thanks to the 'small' group of people (who I told about the show) that sent me good luck messages. You guys are great!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A little bit of Def Jam poetry

I've been mad mad busy, I have so much I want to say but things are CRAZEEE!! I have more Good news that I will share tomorrow ;)

For now here's a little bit of Poetry from one of my favourites singers: Ms Erykah Badu :)
I really like this clip. What would we do without YouTube?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Yay! I'm famous!!

Not really, but my face appeared in a magazine so that makes me feel kinda famous LOL!

I wrote an article for 'True Love Babe' about how cool my mom is, not bad for someone who actually studied journalism and never did anything with their degree. Check it out when you have a minute. I don't care if you 'borrow' it from a friend who buys the True Love Babe or whether you steal it from your Dr's waiting rooms :)

Am really tired today (thanks to day job), so I'm gonna sleep now.

P.S After reading the comment from James on my boobs post, I feel much better. Fixating on them wont actually fix them.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Perky boobs?!! What a joke!

Okay so Marcee and I were talking about our breasts (as all women do) and I asked her if she even remembered having perky breasts? Her answer was the same as mine: NO!!!

You see the reason I was asking is because I went through a bit of a 'breast hate' thing not so long ago (a month ago). I had been seeing a lot of women on TV with lots of 'boobage' like me, but theirs were perky (very unlike mine). This lead me to believe that my breasts were somehow 'ugly'... Yes, I now know that it was stupid to even think that, but I was young. There were too many images of big perky boobs and not enough of the big south facing ones and I began to feel like I was in the minority.

But I started thinking about it seriously... Why would they STAY perky? No, stay with me please... Quite often women tend to 'lose their minds' when it comes to our bodies. Ofcourse it makes sense that my 'girls' are not perky!! I 'developed' breasts earlier than most of my peers and they grew at an alarming rate as well. So when all the other girls were noticing that their 'pips' were becoming apples, I already had apples. It's insulting for me to expect my girls to look as young as the other girls and lets not forget that some of the other girls have had some help (surgically enhanced). Let's not forget that gravity also had a hand in all this.

I spent such a long time 'beating myself up' and thinking that I was ugly because I wasn't like everyone else (on TV). Now I'm just happy that my boobage fills my tops so beautifully and that it's all natural (lots of people go 'under the knife' to be able fill my cup size). Now, I know Marcee is going to read this and say that I'm exaggerating, so please let the record show that my girls are not flat and droopy (like a deflated balloon) they are full and slightly droopy (like a balloon with water in it)... Okay, so I'm doing a very good job at describing 'the other'. WHO CARES??

I love the way my breasts look. In fact they haven't been looking so sad these days. Amazing what a little bit of self esteem can do. After taking back my Va-jay-jay, I'm ready to take back my breasts.

Do you sometimes have unrealistic expectations of how your body should look?

I'd like to hear what men have to say as well. Do men really expect women to have perky breasts, no hair on their bodies and no stretch marks?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

When your job hates you

What do you do? When your job makes sure that you are hardly eating or sleeping? When it torments you like a school bully and you give in like a wimp... Dreading the day ahead when you open your eyes and realise that the Grammy you were holding so tightly is actually a handful of Marcee's hair (who is incredibly unimpressed that I have caused a bald spot on her beautiful head). What do you do when your job is requiring so much of you that you can't do what you love (MUSIC)??

Truth is the day job has been sucking me dry lately (for many reasons I CANNOT discuss here) and my music is suffering. I have so many songs in my head, but I don't have 15 minutes to sit at my crappy 2nd hand keyboard and work on these melodies in my head. So far I've put down 3 songs and I NEED to put more down. I don't want to be great at the day job, get a raise (ha!) and have money to spend on music (studio sessions, better keyboard etc) but not have TIME to make music. The thought of not having time for my music has me in tears EVERY night.

I also don't want to quit the day job and be SOO broke that I lose my car, never have any food, almost getting evicted and having to sell the crappy 2nd hand keyboard... Okay I know that is a little exaggerated but you get what I mean.

I'm struggling to find a balance and I need HELP!! Seriously I'm so unhappy about my situation right now. I feel like such a whiny wimp for even admitting that I'm not coping... I'm hardcore like that. I've been through worse (believe me) and I know that the universe and God will never give me something that I cannot handle... But I'm feeling weak and I need a little bit of advise.

What is a girl to do??? Tell me what you think :0)

How can I learn to love what I do so that I can do MORE OF WHAT I LOVE?

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Who is this John Mayer guy?

That was my reaction when Jill (who I work with) played a John Mayer song for me. Well things have changed dramatically since then. 'Waiting on the world to change' did not have a very big effect on me... I can't actually say which song it was that made me pick his CD up when I was going to buy 'Back to Black', but I'm not sorry that I did. I left with 'Continuum' and NO Amy Winehouse.

Continuum... WOW!! WOW!! I haven't enjoyed an album this much since 'Once Again'... Granted, I don't buy a new CD every month, I only buy what I think might be good stuff. This album is seriously relaxed without putting you to sleep. There is a touch of soul about this guys songs that make me feel right at home (esp in the last track 'I'm gonna find another you'). I am tempted to say that Mr John Mayer may be a hit with people across the colour lines, but I wont. Instead I'll say that it will be hard for anyone NOT to find at least ONE song that moves them. I have already found 2 songs that my mother will LOVE!! That's what is so wonderful about 'Continuum' it respects 'the old' without being old... Does that make any sense at all? Well, I LOVES IT!!!

My personal favourites are 'Gravity', 'Vultures', 'I'm gonna find another you' and 'In repair'.

What do you think of John Mayer's music???

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Flying solo

Marcee is in Jozi for a while (well she'll be back soon), so I'm home alone. I decided to make an occasion of it. I went to my piano lessons this morning, came home and cleaned the house while listening to my music full blast (sorry neighbours), made a veg pizza and had a little bit of Jack n Lime.

I feel like that kid on that 'home alone' movie: eating junk and acting like an idiot because there is no else around.

Still drinking Jack n Lime, uploading some photos on Facebook... Oooh this Facebook stuff is addictive, doing day job stuff (what a surprise) and trying not to change the channel (I'm watching Live Earth).

*sigh* I just realised that I've been single for about 4 years. EEEEK!! I can see why LOL! When I have time, I'm gonna go out and meet a nice guy (yeah right(. It's not like I'm in a rush to meet someone or to have 'relations' with anyone LOL.

Okay, back to work for me :)

Friday, July 6, 2007


Today I interviewed Verity and we had a great time in the studio. She is always so much fun to have in the studio and she is also very engaging. Always so nice to have a guest who gives you that much more. She is selling copies of her 'yet to be released' CD, to raise funds to make the CD. All the future owners get to decide what songs make 'the final cut'... So they replace the record label. Clever huh?

*I am future owner of CD #1307. Yay, supporting fellow artists!!

Go here and check out what Verity is all about and maybe purchase a copy of the album that does not exists yet :) So far what I've heard sounds great, but go have a listen for yourself.

*You were right Verity it was CD # 1300-something and not #1037 like I thought it was. I think I might be slightly dyslexic when it comes to numbers LOL

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Today I was lucky enough to interview Irene Bester and Dr Bavi Vythilingum about Post Natal Depression. It was a real eye opener for me. At first I was a little scared to do the interview, because... Well, I'm not a mom and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do the interview justice.

Fear and doubt are both very terrible things that a girl can do without. I did my homework and enjoyed doing both interviews. Irene was very open and it was obvious that she wanted to help women who are suffering from PND in silence (because she went through the same thing). There is so much pressure on women to be perfect mothers that it works against *us and sometimes hurts us. Nobody says 'you might have problems breastfeeding' or 'you might not have an 'instant miraculous' bond with your baby'. Whose responsibility is it to inform 'first time' mothers? Our mothers perhaps?

If you know someone who you suspect is suffering from PND or if you need to talk to someone about your anxiety or if you suspect that you might have PND. Call the PNDSA (on 082 882 0072) and talk to someone. Irene said that moms should not feel guilty or ashamed because it is a 'chemical imbalance' and not because you are a 'bad mother'.

*When I say us: I mean women, not mothers. I hope to be a mother one day though.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Leaving home?

Okay, so after Sonja Brown was found dead on Monday I made a decision: I am not going to have kids and raise them in South Africa!!!

I might be over reacting just a little bit, but I am getting sick of buying the newspaper and reading about children being abused and murdered. We shouldn't have to live like this and the children of our country should not have to live in fear of being killed or in pain from abuse. I know it's unpatriotic of me, but SCREW THAT! be!! I want to have kids and I will do whatever it takes and I will go wherever I have to, to ensure that they are not harmed.

I know that there are sick paedophiles all over the world and I know that children can be murdered anywhere in the world, but things seem to be getting worse. I don't know... Am I being overly emotional? Should I stay in my country and try to 'make things better'? I worry a lot about my future and think about these things quite often. I wonder if the average South African has thoughts like these often?

Do you ever feel like taking your Sh*& and leaving all this madness behind? What makes you stay?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Making sacrifices

It's been a while since I've updated you on my journey. I've been thinking about what it is that I have given up in order fulfill my destiny/ make my dreams come true. Marcee and I were talking and I said that I would like to make some money from music one day, because right now music is making money from me... Ha ha ha ha ha!! All this money I spend on piano lessons, early studio sessions with the producer kid.

Not a lot of people know this about me but I actually share a bed with a very beautiful woman. We live in a bachelor together because we cannot afford to live anywhere else: we live in a fully furnished bachelor in a safe block and we like it here.

You see, both Marcee and I are going through great transitions in our lives and we are willing to whatever it takes to get to where we need to be. We certainly are not making enough money to be fussy, we get by just fine. Don;t get me wrong: we are NOT starving, but we could be doing better. I am grateful that we are living as 'comfortably' as possible. I know that I wont be sleeping next to this sexy chick for the rest of my life. In fact I'd like to think that I will be waking up to a very hot man who thinks that I am the SEXIEST woman in the world. That shouldn't be too difficult ha ha ha ha!

Bottom line is, I'm willing to do what I need to do, to get to where I need (and want) to be :)

So, what kind of sacrifices are you making? And what for? Are you giving up 'nights out with your buddies', so you can afford a new very expensive hand bag? Let me know :)

Bianca Ryan?

I stumbled across this young (12 year old) lady a couple of weeks ago, while I was messing about on YouTube. Don't worry this was before I was swamped with 'day job' stuff. Then I saw her again on Oprah this afternoon (she has a million dollar record deal). Interesting stuff!!

I got to thinking: what will become of this very talented person? She has a genuine 'fire' in her voice and with enough life experience she will blow us all away once that 'experience' is added to her performances. Right now it's all just 'raw' talent. Not that I don't have goosebump moments when she sings. She is really cute and 'NORMAL'. But how long will it take before some sick industry person tells her that those cute chubby cheeks mean that she is fat? And that she needs to lose weight and doing God knows what else. I'm hoping that her parents who raised her in the church will be sensible enough to keep being her parents REGARDLESS of how much talent she's got.

Below is a clip of Bianca Ryan on 'America's got talent'. Oh that voice is so precious and she is even more precious.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dear drunk man

I hope this letter finds you hung over and feeling like a doos.

I wanted to share some of my feelings with you. I am not sure at what point of the evening you or your friends think it is okay to interrupt 'girls evening', by coming over to our table and asking us questions that we are not interested in dignifying with an answer. Just in case you woke up with a serious case of 'memory loss', allow me to remind you. 'Are you gals looking for company?' 'Do you mind if we join you?' 'Howzit girls, why are you sitting here by yourselves?' These questions are seemingly 'innocent', but what makes them offensive is that you and your drunk buddies are shouting them from the other side of the bar. Or, even worse as you sit down next to one of us.

Because we are out to have a good time with each other, we will NOT be forced to get loud and forceful by telling you to leave. So we ignore you. On a good night you will walk away mumbling something about us being 'sour bitches' and go bother some other 'girl' who is dying to have you spit on her while forced to smell your foul beer breathe as you 'charm' the pants off her. If we are lucky enough to experience you on a 'bad' night you and your one annoying friend will stay and continue to insult us with glances at our 'racks' and 'subtly' ask us if we are single i.e. 'Winter is terrible, especially at night. Do you have a human blanket keeping you warm?' followed by a wink and lick of the lips.

Last night when you grabbed 'my sexy arse' as I was walking to the ladies room, did nothing but annoy me. I guess the general rule among you and your equally sloshed buddies is 'F&^% effort' when you are drunk because she is most likely as drunk as you. NO!!! Not all of us go out at night to get sloshed and score randoms. What is this? Tri-Varsity?

As if you aren't enough of a nuisance while I am having a good time with my friends: You then want to walk to your car and ignore the traffic light that is red for you and Green for me. When I almost miss your drunk ass with my car, you hurl abuse at me and all your stupid friends high five you. I will also let you know that those girls you almost fell on, on your way out of the club/restaurant are as equally unimpressed with your behaviour as I am.

I, like you want to have a good time. All I am asking is tomorrow night when you go out and get sloshed, please remember this letter. I am not against drinking. Please believe me I am not. I just think that we don't have to make the night so unpleasant for other people. So when you are drinking, perhaps it's a good idea to stop when you start thinking that the women at the venue are in dire need of a conversation with you.

Tired woman