Wednesday, November 28, 2007

30 things you should know about me

So the other day I was on someones blog and I saw this. It was actually 50 things, but I'm not that ambitious. I struggled to get to 20, so please recognise how huge this achievement is. Below are 30 things that you may not know about me. I think it's a great way to know the person whose blog you sometimes visit.

It was actually lots of fun doing this, you should also try it when you have time.

1. I LOVE music, it has been the one constant thing in my life.
2. I am teaching myself how to play the guitar and it's lots of fun. I'm actually a lot brighter than I think I am.
3. I once thought that I was not worthy of making music... (Weird... I know!!)
4. I am writing a book, that will be published next year (I have a little confession to make about this, but I'm not ready to share yet)
5. I LOVE food.
6. I have a slow metabolism, so I can't eat as much as I want.
7. I don't really know if I have a slow metabolism, but all the signs are there :)
8. I love my family a whole lot, even though they drive me up the wall. I know that we are perfect just the way we are. THERE IS A BALANCE.

9. My brothers really know how to get me to do things for them: do their washing, look after the kids (when I should be out partying), paying for movie tickets.

10. My mom is a SURVIVOR!!

11. I work for a radio station (I present a women's show) and I am 'on-air' 6 times a week.
12. I like my job on MOST days, because I learn a lot from it
13. I share a bachelor with my best friend, who is also my manager and my ROCK!

14. I HATE shaving my legs (it's too much work) and I LOVE jeans. So it all works out perfectly.
15. I can NEVER wax my under-arms because I have many tiny moles there, so shaving is a really delicate process.
16. Growing up I didn't want to have kids, now I want four. But I think I'm too young to start having kids (24 is young is young right?)
17. I think I still have a little crush on Steve Tyler (the demon of screamin') LMAO

Image from

18. I am going to make Time’s 100 before I die
19. I used to feel like I wasn’t worth much, but now I KNOW that is not true and I love who I am and I’m truly grateful for everything I have and who I am right now. It’s a great feeling.
20. The thing I am most afraid of: losing my mind.
21. I believe in God and I am also very spiritual. Those two are not the same thing according to most people.
22. I used to LOOOVE chocolate, but now I really don't like it.
23. When I was little I thought Michael Jackson was going to marry me. But as I grew older I realised he wasn't even remotely interested. SIGH

24. I cry when I'm happy and when I'm EXTREMELY ANGRY.
25. I respect people who follow the wisdom of their soul.
26. I love giving credit where it's due. I don't see the point in 'hating'. The other person is being the best at being themselves. Nobody can beat that. Instead of hating I prefer to congratulate people. Because often what we see in other people is what we ourselves are capable of.
27. I can be extremely impatient.
28. I want to turn the youth of South Africa into a reading generation. There are not enough young people that read and I'm passionate about young people reading.
29. I love whiskey and red wine is second on the list. I had way too much vodka at Varsity and it was all CHEAP Vodka too... Oh to be young, broke and DRUNK.
30. I need a vacation and I really wanna live in New York one day. Patience my little one, patience.

That's just 30 random things about me. More will follow. I will try to do this every month or every 2 weeks.

Monday, November 26, 2007

EP diary - there is a 2nd and 3rd track

Okay, so I realise I have been a little quiet about the EP: that was done on purpose, because the 'bill paying' job took over some of my time and there was some other body stuff going on (terrible migraines- poor me boo hoo hoo).

So the 1st track has become a little more than a concept now. Slowly falling in love with it. I asked Chris to let me court it first and see what I could do with it. he's been really patient. While I was courting track one he started working on..... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

TRACK 2, it's got a 'bluesy' feel to it. I believe he was recording a drum track for it this weekend with his fabulously talented fellow-Carpet-Mafian (I just made that word up). Can't wait to hear it. I've been waiting a long time to sit down and speak to a 'producer' and have someone produce (excuse the pun) something that we both could agree on and work on. Initially it's a small idea and then somehow in the time that we are apart it becomes something real and it just keeps growing.

TRACK 3 has something of an interesting story to it. While I was learning to play the piano... Listen to me, talking as if I can already play the piano like a pro. Let me start again: About 2 months ago I was learning how to mix and match chords and I came up with a really simple combination that was so much fun. I added lyrics one day when Marcee was making supper and I was having a glass of wine (starting to sound like my buddy Tertia LOL! Love her!) and decided to write a song about a certain musician *BLUSH* *BLUSH*. It wasn't like a let's-get-it-on-right-now-hot-boy type of thing. Oh goodness no!! That track I'm saving for Common (and Alicia Keys) LOL. Okay that was another bad joke LMAO... Indulge me here!! Uhmmm... Where was I?

Oh yeah, so I wrote a song about a musician that I have so much respect for. It's just a playful little tune about my relationship with music and it just happens to include this guy and his music. It's called 'Song for..." and C.B (amazing producer of mine) and I are gonna record it soon. He is just getting to know my COMPLEX chords to the song and then we are gonna do it. I guess you'll find out who it is when I'm done. If you do know please don't spill the beans (Phi, Steve, Marcee etc).

I'm helluva excited about this project. I am coming into my own a singer and as a songwriter and it makes wanna SHOUT and JUMP AROUND when I think about it. I am blessed to know my passion and fortunate enough to pursue it with everything I've got it.

I have more surprises in store. Hint: it's about ANOTHER passion of mine. YAY!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Guess whose CD I'm buying tomorrow?

Yes I know it's a little late... But I've been busy okay!!!

I'm not entirely sure what the half naked woman has to do with anything though... It's still a good 'pick me up' tune!

Just when you think...

that we are all adults. A bunch of monkeys go out of their way to do something very juvenile, that makes one wonder if we NEVER really leave high school and if life is one big 'popularity contest'. Well, a couple of days ago the 'cool kids' (read: a bunch of posers) decided to do something very childish to remind me know that 'I don't belong'. I had no idea people still did that.

Usually the old 'pissing on our territory' thing would have bothered me but this time around I let it slide. Somehow I KNEW that I didn't belong. Not in a way that made me feel less than them or anything. It was different this time: I KNEW that I belonged somewhere where I could shine. My star is getting to bright for the little box that I'm in.

So I guess I'm grateful that the 'cool kids' decided to act up. I guess I was getting a little complacent where I am right now. When they pulled that little stunt, one song came to mind (Marcee always says that I can think of a song for any situation LOL), so I went to find the vid on YouTube to share it with you... I guess it's true what they say: MEDIOCRITY ALWAYS ATTACKS EXCELLENCE !!!

Kanye West - Stronger

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Calming music

Don't judge me, but here is one of my favouritEST songs at the mo. A few yrs back my sweet little brother introdued me to Linkin Park. Faint is by far one of my favourites by Linkin Park. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found 'Bleed it out'. It was just so calming. LOVES IT!!!

Found this vid on YouTube didn't really have time to look for the 'official' video, but this will do. It's still sounds good though.

Linkin Park- Bleed it out

Okay now I'm really gonna take a nap :)

GI rocks!!!

This morning on Radio 2000: Ray White and Nicole da Silva interviewed Tumi and Mandla from Gang of Instrumentals aka GI. What nice people!! Never once did I detect that annoying 'I'm an important celeb thing about them'... Their music is kick ass as well, so YAY WE LOVE GI!! Did I mention that I love good music??

I interviewed Mandla a few weeks back on the Blackboard Jungle and he was very polite and such a pleasure to talk to. Tumi is a Pedi girl so you know I'm down with her.. She is one of 'my people' ha ha ha. Lots of fun was had by all this morning. They even got Nicole to sing the chorus to 'my number one' HALLELUYER!!!

Here is that addictive song: My number one. SALUTE!!!!

You better be watching...

Estelle, because she has just been featured on Rolling Stones 'artist to watch'. check it out here. Yep!!

Now I know why I was inspired to do that post a while ago. You go ESTELLE!!! Keep going and keep rising to HIGHER HEIGHTS!!!!

Quiet moments

I'm sitting in my little bachelor and the TV is off (for a change), listening to John Mayer (slow dancing in a burning room) and enjoying the quiet. It's a beautiful day in Cape Town, seems the sun put the wind in 'time out' and asked for 'quiet time'.

Today I'm grateful. More grateful than I usually am. Grateful that I am alive, grateful for everything that seemed like a mistake in the past. I guess there are no mistakes in life, because I know that I am meant to be RIGHT HERE at this very moment. And if it wasn't for all those 'mistakes' I wouldn't be here right now. I'm grateful for love, loss, pain, pleasure and being able to feel it all!!

I have a raging headache and feel as though I need to lie down and that is exactly what I am going to do (when I'm done with this post). I believe I am done with putting so much pressure on myself: I have done more than enough to prove to myself that I am an exceptional human being (God doesn't make trash), that I am worthy of love and praise and that I am here to follow my destiny and live MY life the way I see fit.

That feels so good. That amazing human being that has been locked inside of this insecure thin skin has done more than broken it... SHE IS STEPPING OUT COOL AS YOU PLEASE. She is in no rush, she is loving her big coming out and when she is done she is going to look back at her cage, the thin skin, and say 'thank you darling, but I've got it from here. You can rest knowing that we are in great hands now. You did the best you could... But now that we know better, I'm going to do better. PLEASE BELIEVE!!!'

HALLELU-YER I have arrived!!!!!!!!!!!

I love these quiet moments.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Lupe fever!

It's official: Lupe has just been added on my list of the hottest artists. Now before you all crucify me for liking a song that uses the N-word and B*&c%... It's irony my people! It's the 'voice' of the masses who have been exposed to 'DUMBED DOWN' music and have come to expect it. This guy is right up there with Common, Talib, Mos def, Kanye (it may be surprising, but Kanye's music has lots of heart and message... It doesn't hurt that it's catchy too!!)

Lupe Fiasco 'Dumb it down'

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The man has spoken

Okay... Being the 'bisexual polygamist' that I that loves 'real' artists I came across someone I called one of the most under-rated artists of our time: Common.

A while ago I had a good rant about Hip Hop, which I love by the way. I love music and I know the power that music has and that why I did 'The hip hop issue' part 1 and part 2. I always have to put this disclaimer here: I have nothing against these people personally. I don't even know them, but I know that they have a lot of influence that isn't always used in the right way.

So go here to listen to the man formerly known as Common Sense, say things that I wish we could hear more often. He's not perfect but he sure does use his mind and is AWARE of the kind of influence he has. HALLELUYER (Tyler Perry). I have musch respect for the man as an artist- HALLELUYER!!!

Love his accent LOL.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Not a baby anymore

My sweet little brother wrote his last matric (Grd 12) exam on Monday... Aaaahhh!

Okay, so he is not so little. I'm so proud of him, he is just such a wonderful individual. He has a great sense of humour, never judges me (no matter how badly I've messed up) and he's so relaxed. When I'm freaking out, he's taking care of things. Where would I be without my little-big-brother??

He might be coming to visit before matric results come out, to relax a little. YAY!!! I remember how terrified I was when I was waiting for my results to come out. I knew that I had studied and that there was no way that I could have failed. But the thought of buying a newspaper and not seeing my name was SCARY! I actually didn't buy the newspaper. I chose to sleep while everybody else got up in the early hours and bought the newspaper looking for their names.
Needless to say I passed!!

We were testing the camera on his phone. Not bad neh?
My phone is so old... No joke? It was one of the first colour screen phones and I can't even receive MMSes and he has this fancy phone with MP3 player, radio, camera and it turns into a car when he can't get a lift. LOL! Oh well...

Mommy weekend

My mom was here this weekend- YAY!!! Marcee's mom was also here, so it was truly a girls weekend. my mom has been very sick from a very long time with Osteo-Arthritis and the Dr's didn't know what was wrong with her. She eventually got help from a specialist and now she is like anew woman. She could hardly walk and was always off work. So once she got better I wanted her to come visit.

A great time was had by all. We went to the beach, even though the weather wasn't that great, my mom was a real sport and tried Sushi without complaining... Although she did once we went to get Thai food. I have no concept of taking it slow. I just thought that if she was okay with Sushi, she would be okay with Thai food. APPARENTLY NOT!!!

It was great having Ma here in my space. The last time I was living at home I was 18: after high school I went to Varsity, then moved to Cape Town. So in her mind I am still 18 (more like 6), in a far away place (it's a 2 hour flight from Jozi to here), living in a shack (well... It is a bachelor) and I have no friends or family around (Marcee and I have been friends since I was 12, so we are practically family). She saw my 'place' and relaxed a little.

Lots of fun was had and she even went to a spa for the first time. I'm so glad that the older I get, the better my relationship with my mom gets... Come to think of it our relationship was never THAT bad, we were always cool. But now we are TIGHT!!!
Pics from this weekend:

Good times!!

There's no denying that they are related

My mom loves posing... She was too short to be a model.

Guess who had too much wine? Clue: it wasn't me

I couldn't help myself!!

Will put up more soon :)

If I was a bisexual polygamist...

I would marry both these very talented and beautiful people... Not sure who I would marry first though... If I marry Common first, I might never get around to marrying Alicia. So the three of us will marry on the same day. LOL! Okay, after that amazing intro: here is new music from one of my favourites singers featuring one of my fave rappers ("... baby I'm an actor") in the video.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Estelle on FIRE

Looks like people are staying true to themselves and making music that is on FA-YA!!! My fav girl Estelle this her new vid for the song 'Wait a minute (just a touch)'.

It's TOOO hot. I love the line 'wrap it up coz I aint carrying your embryo...' HA HA HA HA!!! And also loved 'My love is on overload, don't mean to boast but a kiss will make you overdose." LOVES IT!!!

In a good place

First post of the week (the one before doesn't count- I was just sharing good music)....

I'm in a really good place right now. REALLY GOOD!! I'm certain. Very certain of my plans and destiny. It's such a great place to be... It feels like: YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I compiled a Yipeeeeeeeeeeee list: things that make you feel wonderful

1. Do you regardless
example: I'm a thick girl. Thick, as in I'm no Kate Moss. For a while I let it bother me, but now I don't worry so much about it because my beauty is not determined by the size of my jeans. So now I eat food that's healthy, but I'm not about to 'watch' what I eat. The longer I 'watch' food, the more I eat. So maybe watching what I eat is making me fat LOL!

2. Acknowledging the beauty of those around you
Negativity is so tiring.... Seriously! Seeing the beauty in everyone actually makes you feel better. I don't know how it works but I know that knowing that the people around me are different and magnificent in their own way makes ME feel better. I love giving credit here it's due.

3. Watch a good movie
Marcee and I watched Ratatouille on Friday afternoon. The plot was not complicated and rats never looked so cute. I laughed and loved it!!! Go watch a good movie! Sometimes when I'm feeling low I think of Dory: Just keep swimming, swimming swimming.... LOVE IT!!!

4. Buy a really great pair of shoes
I love wearing closed shoes, I feel really naked when I expose my toes. I bought a pair of open toe wedges and oooohh I felt so good. Beyonce sings about a freakum dress... I have FREAKUM SHOES ha ha ha. I fell like I'm naked in public but I have all my clothes on. NASTY!!!!

5. Try something new
I hate trying new things when it comes to food. Marcee and I go to this lovely little Thai place sometimes and I always order the same thing. ALWAYS!! Because what I like tastes so good, when I do try something good it's never as good as my firm favourite. Well last week Wednesday I had Sushi. I had never tried Sushi before (it just didn't seem like my kinda thing) and that damn Marcee convinced me to try it. I LOVED IT!!! I felt like a kid, trying something new for the first time. It was VERY EXCITING.

6. Spend some time with good friends
I don't need to explain that one. It's even better if there is good food and lots of bubbly (or whiskey in my case).

7. When in doubt, play a good song
I play Commons song 'The people' in my car when I need inspiration or when I need to calm myself. A good song will do wonders for you. See the video for my current 'theme song' here. Common is most def one of the under-rated artists of our time.

I'm out...

Loving Lupe

Loving this track right now...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Time away makes... appreaciate all this shit!!

I haven't posted a blog in almost a month and I am so glad to be back at this stuff. I go through a lot of crazy things in my day to day activities and I want to share all of that with you, but geez my workload has been hectic and everytime I think about sitting down and posting a blog I fall asleep before I can log on and share. So I have put aside some blogging/writing time. I hope I can stick to atleast 2 posts a week... Don't judge me! Two posts a week is very ambitious for someone who can hardly get through supper without snoring.

My workload was really getting unbearable, so I took 2 days off: Thursday and Friday. I used to be one of those people that believed that skipping a couple of meals is not a big deal. I used to tell myslef 'to thug/man up' when I've only had 3 hours of sleep a day and I feel like I might collapse. I always underestimated good rest and never really thought about what a difference rest makes.

After being away from the 'day job' I was able to really appreaciate my job (and salary), but I also realised that I am okay without it. I'm in an industry where people get addicted to the attention, the rush of switching the mic on blah blah blah. I thought I might be one of those people till I stepped away from it and listened to someone else do my show.

There was no envy or longing. Only silence.... I coulld hear my own voice in the silence and I could hear my body crying out for help. I also managed to squeeze in lunch at Paranga with a view of the 'beach'. I even came to appreactiate retail therapy and bought two pairs of shoes- HALLELUYER!!!!

This absence has made my heart grow fonder, my body stronger, changed my perceptions and made me get back in touch with me :)

I'm back....