Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm not an addict am I?

This is what I keep asking myself. Why is it that when I have been 'away' from music for even a little while I fall into a bit of 'depression'. I'm not even kidding: I become so moody and all I want to do is 'connect' with my keyboard.

Somehow all the things I cannot say come out so beautifully when I 'play' them. I'm not the best communicator at all and before I 'accepted my destiny' (music) I used to get so frustrated because I didn't have an outlet. The first time I played my own melody on the piano, something incredible happened. It was WAAAAYY better that eating 'Woolies' cup cakes, better than all those times I had gotten wasted with my buddies. I wasn't tired anymore, I felt like the person I always wanted to be, I was in love and I couldn't explain it.

If YOU think this sounds bizarre, you must understand how I was feeling. I thought I was losing my mind, but the more I did it, the more I wanted to do it. When I didn't do it for a while, I was agitated, grumpy, sad etc.

Does this sound like addiction to you? I'm not an addict am I? Is addiction to something as harmless (but powerful) as music a bad thing? I've never felt this way about anything in my life. Someone please tell me that it's okay to feel this way or that things will get better. When I say better I mean: I won't be an 'Ogre' when I come back from a week long 'business trip', because I was unable to do anything musical.

*sigh* I think I need a night-cap ha ha ha ha ha... JOKE!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Join us..

I'm back from the madness that is Jozi and I'm so glad to have decent signal. I was pleasantly surprised to come back and find out that the 'hip hop issue' post is still getting love and support from people. I'm especially pleased that one of my favourite South Africans has joined me on this journey. All I have to say is: You go Eve!!!

So don't be afraid, go ahead and join us on this journey of change :)

P.S I realise that it had not been 6 days since my last post (as stated in yesterdays post), I was exaggerating :)

Friday, April 27, 2007

It's been SIX days

You will not believe how anxious I've been. I have not posted a blog in 6 days. The reason being that I'm in Jozi and things have been HECTIC. I have not had a single moment to THINK about slowing down, until now. I'm at home (Soweto) with my parents now, so things aren't that crazy! I'm going to give an updae of what has ben happening so far; just so I can sleep better tonight. Before I do that, I would like to thank Eishman for showing interestin my 'hip hop' issue post. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels that way. It gives me hope that we can al make a change in our own small way :)

Day job:
Broadcasting from the mother ship was fun. Got to meet all the other producers and presenters. I had to attend endless meetings that were always during lunchtime, so I have only been eating two meals a day! Madness!!! The show is coming along nicely, think it's gonna keep getting better.

I have not written any music, haven't touched a piano/keyboard since Saturday and feeling very detached. I hate feeling like I'm neglecting my baby (music). I can't wait to get back to Cape Town and just bang on that piano. 'N' from the band that is looking for a female vocalist (yes, the one I was too afraid to call) wanted to meet over the long weekend, but alas!! I want to meet with him as soon as I am in Cape Town, I need my music fix as soon as possible.

Love Life
LMAO... That's funny

My beautiful friends and I went out till the wee hours yesterday, never mind that I had a meeting at 07:30. It was absolutely amazing!! I hate that I live so far away from my family and friends. I know that I can fly to Jozi whenever I want to, but sometime you just want to get in your car and go see the people you love. met some of Stevies work peoples: lovely lovely people!! Had way too much to drink, ate 'Cheese Curls' at the garage on our way to the next spot, had way too much fun, laughed, danced (so that's why my ass feels like I have been doing Tae Bo for hours) etc.

Well that's it, for now.

Monday, April 23, 2007

I LOVE my girls!!!

Cater to you by Destinys child is the song for today. Not because I want to cater to anyone but because that is the last song I heard before I stepped out of my friends car and back into the boring lodge.

After spending time with the bosses, I came home and had a glass of wine with the person I work with. Less than fifteen minutes after that, my girls (Phi and Steve) came to pick me up. We went to News Cafe at Campus Square and had a few drinks, spoke about men (life and love) laughed, had more to drink etc etc. I actually didn't realise HOW MUCH I missed my 'top chommies'. It was fun to speak to people who know me from way back then and were still able to appreciate who I am becoming. Seeing the beautiful women they have become was so fulfilling because I know how far they've come...

Back at the lodge now, watching CSI and humming 'cater to you'. I love my girls, yep, yep. They are what makes Jozi so beautiful. I think I might go spend the night at home, with the parents, tomorrow. I hope I can squeeze in a hair appointment. My hair is looking a little... Well, the hair is looking tired. I need a change.

I'm off...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Relax... I've arrived

In Jozi now... *Sigh*

Am staying at a BnB and am terribly exhausted. The room I'm staying in is very big, about the size of my little flat. Oh how I miss that flat of mine. I hate sleeping in foreign places. I HATE it!! I'm tired but I'm not ready to lie in the bed yet. The place is not dodgy at all, but I have a thing about sleeping in weird beds. I like my bed. No! I LOVE my bed. I wish I could travel with my bed... Clearly, I wouldn't be good with one night stands *LOL*

Need to go make nice with the bed...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Shopping is...

Tedious, boring, expensive, useless, taking up my drinking time, really annoying, etc etc..

I'm not the shopping type. I do not enjoy walking around for ages and looking at different items of clothing that I probably cannot afford, which will make the choosing process even harder. Knowing this about me, manager, best friend, housemate person decided that today would be dedicated to shopping for me and Black Porcelain.

What is the difference you ask yourself. Well, I am quite happy in old (sometimes dirty) jeans and an old shirt. The reason my clothes are old is because I HATE shopping. I only shop when my clothes are torn or when my friends refuse to be seen in public with me because people point and stare. Black Porcelain on the other hand is not a slob (she may hate shopping) but she cares about her appearance and 'wants' to wear nice girly clothes. And (most importantly) I need clothes for the photo-shoot for the EP. I promise I will explain the EP stuff soon. It's too hectic for me to go into right now :)

Unfortunately for me Black Porcelain and I share the same body, so I had to be present for her shopping 'spree'. I just wanted to walk into a store, pick something, try it on QUICKLY and leave, but apparently that is not how it is done. We started the shopping thing pretty early in the day and by lunch time I was getting restless. I had to take a break and go to my piano lesson (thank goodness). When I got back Marcee had called back up: Zoe (Varsity chommie). I was out-numbered and had to co-operate (curses!). We finished the shopping thing at 20:33 and boy was I tired...

There must be other women out there who hate shopping as much as I do... Somebody? Anybody? *Sigh* I'm exhausted... Haven't even started packing for Jozi trip (typical).

Friday, April 20, 2007

The hip hop issue?

Pleas be warned that this is a VERY long blog.

I will start of with the issues of the day before I move on to the other music stuff. Today was very busy and I decided that I needed to unwind by meeting friends for a drink (hee hee). I went to the Raddison (is that the correct spelling?) with best friend, Anne (friend from work) and her man. It was so cold outside and my Jack n Lime was not enough to keep me warm. We stayed for a while, saw some more friends from the past, had fun and then decided it was home time. Marcee and I went to Fat Alberts for some good food and wine (Yay!!!), had lots of girl talk. I discovered that I might be deeply in-like with a mutual friend of ours... GREAT!! I don't have time for that, so I decided that it would have to wait till I was done with other things... AAAAARGH!! Too frustrating to talk about. My emotions will have to take a number and get in line just like everybody else. I don't have time for this right now.

Now onto the Hip Hop issue...

You have been warned about the length of this post, so don't complain. I came across a clip (which I have conveniently added at the bottom) which was at and it really got me thinking. Pop culture has a lot of power and influences young people in a way that is almost unbelievable. Yet the people who have this power seem not to know how better to use it. The use of words like 'bitch' and 'hoe (whore)' have become acceptable. Even the dreaded 'n-word' has become fashionable. believe it or not I've heard young South Africans call each other that. i much rather prefer the word 'cat' than 'the-n-word'... But that's just my opinion.

Young men and women think that if Snoop Dogg, Lil' John and who ever else can call a woman a hoe then it MUST be completely okay. Young women also start to become 'desensitised' to the use of words like that. Which is followed by the use of phrases like 'He is not talking about ME, he is talking about those other hoes.' The sad truth is that when we are all standing in a group, they can't really tell the hoes from the 'non-hoes', so essentially we are all implicated and the thought that some man has called me and my fellow sisters 'hoes' is both insulting and infuriating. how dare any woman (regardless of what she is wearing, conducts herself, how many people she has slept with etc) be called a 'hoe'. I detest that word!!! I DETEST IT!!!! What is worse in this case is that it is a black man oppressing HIS sisters, mother and wife by calling her that. If we cannot be respected and loved by our own men, then who will?

Now that I've said my peace about the men. I have to turn to the women in showbiz/ entertainment. I will try not single anyone out, but if I do... Well, then I do! While the men are calling 'the women who deserve it' hoes and objectifying them. There is a group of VERY successful young women, with a lot of power in their hands who are sending all the wrong messages to young women. Why would any self-respecting, talented woman shoot a music video in a bikini? I'm not talking about 30 seconds worth of footage. I'm talking a whole VIDEO! That is all our sister is wearing. A DAMN BIKINI!! The song is not even about having fun at a beach. the song is actually about love. So young impressionable girls connect the dots like this love=being half naked=sex. The alarm bells are going off in my head.

Then as if to add insult to injury talented young women make it a point to shake their booty's all through their career. I DO NOT see Jay Z shaking his booty, Usher takes his shirt off occasionally but he is not always half naked, Method Man, Red Man, Common, Mos Def... All these men have become successful without once taking their clothes off or shaking their booty's. Young women once again start connecting the dots and success=being naked/shaking what your mama gave you!! DAMMIT DAMMIT!!! WHY?!

Lastly I'm going to talk about an industry that most of us have helped 'grow'. The music video industry (at home and abroad). The girls who are willing to do anything to be in a music video, where they will be demeaned, de-humanised, insulted and portray the hoes (you know the ones that we all AREN'T). These women have jobs because WE have allowed these celebrity 'hip-hoppers' and 'sexy singers' to get away with it. Nobody is taking responsibility for anything. So I will be the first to step and say I fucked up. How did I fuck up? Because i kept quiet and was afraid of being called the F-word (feminist). Well I will NOT be quiet anymore and I REFUSE to dance to or even entertain any song that demeans women (from 'Sister Bettina' to 'I've got hoes') AND I will not entertain 'successful' sisters (many of whom are way too talented to make booty shaking a living) who misguide the young women of the world.

WOW!!! That was a LOT!! Below is the clip that inspired it all. It's bedtime for me :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I did it!!

So, I finally plucked up the courage to call that band that is looking for a female vocalist. You have no idea what it took out of me. I hadn't even had my evening glass of 'something-something', so I was really nervous.

Spoke to a guy... Uhmmm, let's call him 'N' for now. He sounded really nice... Nice is good. He also sounded young. Young is... I'm young as well, so that shouldn't be a problem. He asked me where I was studying and I explained to him that I was in fact a 'working girl' (what a joke). Some part of me hopes that it doesn't turn out to a bunch of students looking to 'mess around'. I have already met too many of those. 'N' said he would call me and organise a time for an 'interview'. I am really looking forward to meeting with 'N'. Wish me luck!!

Day job stuff:
Am preparing for my trip to Jozi, can't wait to see my mommy. She is not feeling well. Apparently her Dr has been giving her the wrong medication and it's been making her worse. I'll find out all the details and let you know. The thought that someone was 'killing' my mother, that is essentially what he was doing, makes me FURIOUS!! Her kidneys were not coping with the medication that he was giving her.

Okay, let's think happy thoughts. I hate being upset. So to calm myself down I will post a pic of that ridiculously HOT man (or 'my supper' as Tertia called him) and pour myself a drink. LATER :)

P.S That is singer Lilly Allen sitting next to 'THE HOTNESS'. His sexy really makes no kind of sense :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You know your car is filthy when...

An old mamzee walks out of what used to be taxi (it was a really beat down mini bus taxi), walks past your car and says "Hoooo sies!". Never mind that I was sitting in my little car when she said that. And it is not my fault that EVERY bird in Sea Point has decided to turn my car into their toilet. So, I got home and dragged house-mate and fellow drinker downstairs to help me wash that car.

Had a voice lesson with piano teacher (she is a woman of many talents). My last voice teacher was a little hectic. She wanted me to have 'classical' training before we could move on to the Jazz. I found myself sounding a little like Bette Midler and Abigail Khubeka (excuse spelling), instead of sounding like little ol' me. I just want to learn all the techniques that will help me strengthen my voice that's all! Toady's lesson was good, although it started out a little weird. It's not easy walking into somebody's house and then just start belting a song by Etta James. But once we got over the awkward-ness it was all good.

'Stumbled' across and ad for a band looking for a singer... Hmmm. Should I or shouldn't I? I could really use the experience... But what about Black Porcelain? Oh shucks! I'm too afraid to call them anyway. Maybe I should just do it. I have nothing to lose either way... I can still be Black Porcelain and gain some experience from the band right? Okay, okay... I'll call this band tomorrow and then we can take it from there.

It's time for my glass of whiskey... YAY!!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Top too tight?

So, there I was getting ready for work this morning: was very late, so I quickly put on my favourite button up top, jeans and favourite girly shoes and off I went.

Before I get to work I stop at a shop and get the Cape Times (I use for it for information for one of the features on the radio show). There was no parking outside the shop, some truck driver decided it was a good place to unload stuff (how inconsiderate), so I had to park 5 metres away from the shops entrance!! While walking to the shops entrance I noticed that the third button of my shirt had come undone, or maybe I never really did it up properly, so I fixed it and went about my merry way.

At work half way through the show I noticed that the button came undone again and I fixed it. This happened three more times before I went home. What usually happens is that I get home a little after midday (because I work from home), take off work clothes, put on shorts and get to work on my laptop. I was standing in front of the mirror while I was undressing... '

WTF is going on?' was my first thought when I saw my reflection. OMG I'm looking a little round!!! I'm not exxagreating here. My jeans were squeezing my love handles and i noticed that I wasn't even wearing a belt (usually if I don't wear a belt I have to pull my jeans up every 5 minutes). Woe is me, what am I going to do?

So that's what happens when you stop exercising!! My little diva-2-B body is heading straight back to gym, skipping and Billy Blanks (Tae-Bo) AND I'm taking that alcoholic best friend of mine with me too. OH HELL NO am I gonna allow the work of art that is my body to be ruined by a couple of cup cakes, chips etc etc. I am not going down without a fight. It's not like I don't have genetics on my side: All the women in my family have been blessed with huge asses, large breasts and large everything else. I only managed to miss the ass gene, just my luck. Apparently big asses are in right now.

Friends, family, co-workers and strangers. I am asking you never to forget this moment and next time you see me with a cup cake in my hand (that is likely to be tomorrow afternoon) ask me if my top is feeling a little tight...

*sigh* Okay it's late and I shouldn't be drinking whiskey and talking about my expanding body (suddenly feel like I've said this before, I wonder why?)

Monday, April 16, 2007

If you hate your job today clap your hands

It's way after 8pm and i shouldn't even be thinking about my job, but I am. Before I begin with my rant let me just say this. I have a really exciting job, no two day are ever the same. I am not starving and have just bought a new car. I ma just having one of THOSE days.

I REALLY REALLY HATE my day job today. I mean REALLY!!! I have been working at this place for roughly four months and I STILL don't have an office. All I was given was a laptop and a good luck note. I know that I'm a freelancer, but I also know that the way that I'm being treated is 'not cool'. Rightfully I should have an office that I can access mail from and make phone calls so that I can collect information and get people for interviews...

I had to get Internet at home (which isn't such a bad thing) and spend a fortune on my cellphone bill, (I'm not a millionaire so I can't afford to spend my money on stuff that I shouldn't have to), my bosses are pathetic at communicating... Oh, and did I mention that I did not get paid for the first two months that I started working? I don't like complaining unless it will make a difference, which it usually doesn't... But dammit I'm pissed off!!

Am I being whiny or do I really have a reason to complain? They have been promising us an office ever since I got interviewed for the job and I'm STILL working from home!! AAAARGHHH!!! I cannot wait to be a full-time musician.

Today I hate my job! What is it that you hate about your job today (or any other day)?

*sigh* It's too late for me to be up, drinking whiskey and ranting about hating my job, I'm going to bed.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Waste deeeep!!

It's Sunday night and I'm watching a movie called 'Waist deep'. I'm all about 'violent' movies, but this one is seriously lacking in a whole lot of something.

The ever fine Tyrese is in this movie too and him. Larenz Tate and Ms Good did a good-ish kind of job. I figure acting is like singing if the song is not great, it doesn't matter how well you sing it. It will still sound 'not so great', but people are not gonna doubt the song, they'll doubt the singer. So I'm just gonna say that the movie had some potential, but it was missing a little something something.

What a way to end my Sunday: with a good looking man and a half baked movie. Oh well, I guess everyday can't be a Rock n Roll day.

I tried to find a good picture, but this is all I could find. The man is HOT!! I think it's time for me to find a man of my own... Or you might just start thinking that I'm lonely and might die a spinster ha ha ha ha.

Somebody tell me how to meet a man, without having to wait till I'm famous and having millions of men lusting after me. It's so hard to meet a decent guy these days *sigh*.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

SAMA's make me proudly South African

The SAMA's have just ended and I feel GREAT!!!

After watching this show I am convinced that music is THE universal language that will unite all South Africans. WOW!! Can't wait till I get my own SAMA (one day, young one, one day). They really out did themselves this time. I was even happy to see that Jozi, got some love :)

I love my country *Smiling stupidly (partly because am drinking champagne and also because of those lovely proudly South African sentiments)*

Greatest SAMA moments:
1. Vusi Mahlasela and Cassettes performance, oh my goodness what a lot of fun. Watching the old and the new 'get down' like that.

2. My friend and favourite DJ: Sbu winning song of the year: Remember when it rained. What a great guy, couldn't think of anyone better to win that award. WELL DONE MSAKAZI WAM', you know I've been down since day one :)

Life is great and music makes me happy. I'm gonna carry on celebrating last nights performance and today's SAMA winners with best friend and fellow alcoholic Marcee (I will not call her my manager right now, because managers are very strict and sober people).

DJ SBU u ya ROCKA son'!!!!!!


I've just come home and I couldn't wait to share this with someone other than the 'manager girl', who is also best friend and housemate. Tonight was AWESOME!!!

The day started off kinda naff though. Day job is really getting me down. The bosses have poor communication skills and there are other issues that I do not care to discuss while I'm on this amazing high. So day job had me in a really crappy mood, trip to Jozi was postponed, was VEEEEERRRRRYY tired and decided to take a nap. Was interrupted by more than 7 calls, half of them were useless and the other half I can't remember right now.
Manager girl came home and we got 'ready' for the show. Arrived at 'The Shack' at about 8, because that is the time that the 'producer kid' gave. We had a drink and then tried to get into 'Mercury Live', but main entrance was locked so the 'manager girl' decided that we were going to sneak into the back entrance. I told her to go in and first while I 'checked the coast' (I'm such a goody two shoes, wouldn't be caught dead sneaking into some back entrance). She came back and told me it was safe to go through the back. When in doubt ask your manager and awesome best friend to go in first LOL.

Had sound check with the bang OMG it was loud. I could hardly hear myself. 'Producer kid' recommended that I put tissue in my ears, otherwise I might go deaf. I LOVE ROCK n ROLL?!

Waited until 22:30 for the performance to start, by then manager was holding me back from drinking anymore Jack Daniels hee hee. The time came for me to perform and boy was I nervous. I have NEVER felt so good in all my life. Yes, so the band was killing my ear drums and there were people smoking in the venue. But I still had such a good time. Listened to LP Shows whole set, they did very well. Jess (friend) and her man came by as well and a good time was had by all.
Lessons learnt today

1. My fear is not bigger than me.
2. I CAN actually sing very loud.
3. Groupies are a reality (I really thought they were a myth)
4. Nothing beats having your best friend as your manager, who supports you no matter what.
5. This was a tiny step towards becoming a 'real' full time muso
6. Well... It's late and I have to get to bed now :)

Enjoy the pictures :)

This is the back entrance that the 'manager girl' discovered ;)

Below is the producer kid, having way too much fun on stage with the rest of the band.

That is me having a min-diva moment... Don't judge my clothes :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My FIRST LIVE performace?!!! (and FREE downloads)

What am I thinking???

I think I might be a guest artist at LP Show's album launch tomorrow, at Mercury Live tomorrow night. OMG... What am I doing?

Today I had another recording session with 'The producer kid'. He's actually not a kid, he's in his mid 20's and is a bigger monkey than me. His band (LP Show) is launching their album (Take that, Skeletor) tomorrow at Mercury Live and I was featured on one of the tracks on the album. The song is called 'Ballet One', I don't actually do anything amazing on the song. I just sing a harmony... So the 'producer kid' wants me to sing at their launch and I start laughing and say that I will be there to support, but not to sing. Oh my word no! I'm no where near ready to sing. The manager girl was also there when 'the kid' said this and she said that I WILL DEFINITELY be performing tomorrow night.

How do you know when you are ready to perform live? It's not like I've NEVER performed live before. I used to be a singing waitress (at this restaurant) for goodness sakes!! Something tells me performing for civilised middle aged/drunk old people is different to performing in front of YOUNG drunk people. My nerves will not be able to handle it. I think I can... I think I can... I think I can... Okay, I will perform tomorrow night.... I guess.

WISH ME LUCK! Uh-oh, I think I'm gonna get sick.

P.S you can download LP Shows new album here, it's for free and it's all above board. Be sure to download 'Ballet One' first (that's the song I'm featured on).

Have to go practise the song. Don't want me forgetting the words on stage and having drunk young people throwing empty beer cans at me. OH THE HORROR!!! *running off-stage screaming*

A candle...

Was just on Tertia's blog and I read this story. Please light a candle for this lady and keep her in your prayers.

P.S Thanks for the candle Tertia

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So much to do

I've just had supper (a chicken mayo sandwich from Woolies), which is the first thing I've eaten since this morning.

Today has been one of THOSE days. The weather in Cape Town is not great. It's cold and cloudy (yuck), day job is demanding way too much of my time, recently washed car is now covered in MORE SH*& AND got rained on, guy at work was unnecessarily mean to me etc etc.

The only good thing that happened today was my studio session with 'The producer kid'... We fixed two of the songs that we want to put on the EP. I know 2 seems like nothing but we want to make sure that they sound great. Am hooking up with him again. This music stuff is SOO good to me and I hope I'm being good with it. 'Producer kid' is VERRRY patient with me as well. I'm still learning how to count the beats properly, so we have a lot of stop and starts here and there. But he doesn't get mad or tell me that I'm not a true singer, he just smiles that sweet smile and we try again. "When you have a destiny the universe will conspire to get you there." That's a quote from 'The Alchemist'... Thank you universe for bringing me 'the kid'.

Quick question, before I get outta here: Do you ever feel like you don't deserve something that you love so much? I know it's silly to feel this way, but I feel like I don't deserve this gift that has been lying dormant so deep inside of me.

P.S I never really told you what my name (as in stage name) is, blogging makes me dizzy. I want to share all this stuff but I can never remember it all. Okay, my stage name is BLACK PORCELAIN. I like that name. my real name is a little... Uhm... JA!!!

I'm outta here :)

P.S.S I've posted this picture (compliments of YBF) of this BEAUTIFUL MAN, just because I can. I suppose the universe has conspired enough for this lifetime, but just in case I have some conspiring left on my account. PLEASE PLEASE conspire to bring me and Common together. Damn he is sexy!!! And his mind is even sexier (just listen to his music and you'll know what I mean). *giggling like a school girl*
I tried to put this picture at the bottom, but I couldn't...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Baby steps

Before I start, allow me to share my joy (I am so proud of the Proteas). I know the game is not over but I honestly didn't expect anything above 200 runs... I love these 'boys' regardless of the outcome of the game.

Now that I'm done with my cricket talk...

My singing career (not sure if I can call it that) didn't begin just recently. I have always loved singing, but my dad wasn't having any of that. He knew that I was talented but he insisted that I get a degree so that I could get a 'proper' job. After completing the degree, a post-grad diploma and a stint in advertising I find myself in radio, trying to become a FULL TIME musician.

I have been doing the music thing seriously for about a year now and I am in the process of finishing my EP. I have been procrastinating for a while and my manager (and best friend) has forced me to take the big step. This is a small step on my journey to becoming a full time muso.

Why have I been procrastinating??? Because!! This is the only thing that I am afraid of failing at. That's how much it means to me. Music kind of scares me because it means SOOO much to me. I never really cared whether I got great marks at school/varsity. I guess I figured that if I don't do it (the EP) then I wouldn't have failed at the ONE thing that I LOVE so much. Am I making any kind of sense here? No matter how scared I am I KNOW that I have to keep going. I can't start something so wonderful and not see it through. So tomorrow I'm going to work on the songs for the EP with 'the producer kid' (he's very good) and I'm soooo nervous. The girl with no musical training is putting out an EP and we're hoping to get it out by the end of May. I will mos def put one of the songs up on here once we're done.

Day job stuff:
Today was an average day. The Sea Point SH*& club blessed my recently washed and waxed car with their SH&%. Those birds have no idea how long it takes me to wash and wax that car. I really need to stop parking under that tree! Boss told us that we will be flying to Jozi on the 15th for a week, for training etc. Great!! At least I get to see the family and it's my big brothers birthday that weekend so that will be fun. Might even hit the watering holes with my girls... Oh to be young!!

Have to go back to working on songs...

Cheerio darlings!

Monday, April 9, 2007

I'm a newbie??!!!

Okay, okay...

I must remain calm at all times!! This is officially the first post on my NEW blog... As you can imagine, I'm a little nervous. I had a blog on 'My Space' but I felt like it was time to 'grow up' and see if I could do it on my own.

Why have I decided to do it this way?
To do something I've never done before. I probably should have started with something easy like cooking a five course meal.

Why 'music, life and MUSIC'?
I am 24 years old, never had any formal music traning (NOTHING, el-zipo, zilch etc) and I am going to fuflfill my destiny- to become a singer. I go through so many bizarre things that I decided it would be fun to document the journey to my 'soul'.

I think I should stop there and try and figure out how to make this thingie... I mean blog, not thingie, look pretty.

I have glass of champagne and a best friend (I LOVE you MARCEE) to help me through this blog thing.

Please be kind, I'm still learning the ropes. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me :)