Monday, August 2, 2010

I must be a masochist...

I figure I really must be a masochist...

I seem to really like inflicting pain on myself. No its not the way you are thinking. I love fashion and not street fashion but high fashion., Which is why you will see Vogue Mags in my house. I have not always been into fashion but I find as I get older I really appreciate amazing clothes.

I seem to love fashion that I can not afford right now maybe one day when I grow up hee hee hee. You could never go wrong with a little bit of Marc Jacobs,Vivienne Westwood, a little bit of Vera Wang, Gucci, Giles Deacon... I could carry on forever but I have to say that out of all "living" the designers I really really really LOVE one Donna Karan. Her clothes speak to me, I figure if i was all grown up and could afford them, my wardrobe would be full of Donna Karan clothes.

This is her spring 2010 collection please tell me if you don't think these are just amazing clothes. I love clothes that celebrate a woman's body and I think Donna Karan clothes would make any woman look fabulous!!!

Check this:

Black Porcelain often says that if I don't watch it I am going to end up in the poor house because of my taste but I say I just need to win the LOTTO and I will be set for life. You will probably see me sitting front row at the fashion shows - JUST YOU WATCH!

Peace and love my peeps.