Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So many surprises

I dont know whether I mentioned this, but this week I'm recording a few songs at the Red Bull Studios. And the whole set up is so cool. I'm collaborating with Oltak (an amazing music maker!!) and one of the nicest DJ/producers Audiophile021 (pictured below)

Anyway, yesterday I was on my way out of the studio when I see these CD's by the door. Being the cat who never gets tired of being chased by that sadistic hit-man a.ka. curiosity, I picked one up. It turns out its a compilation of songs made in the Red Bull studios. So Steve (Audiophile021) says 'Ja just take it. You're featured as well'.

Last year I attended the Red Bull Music Academy Taster and put vocals on a DJ MX track called 'Like I see you'. That is the track featured on there. I was so pleasantly surprised. Here I was, feeling so sorry for myself just a few weeks ago. Not knowing that my voice was being heard. Check out my name below (hee he he he he)

Then a few days ago, DJ MX sends me an email. He released the song as part of an EP (Like I see you) and the EP has already made its way up to 21 on the Afrodesia charts. Its only been on there for a week. I'm so happy for MX, because he is also just one of the nicest, most hard working and sincere guys I know. Check out his EP here.

Love to you Beautiful Ones :)